What is a Townhouse?

In this article, we will give you the complete low-down on townhouses — what their features are, what makes them unique and how they compare against other landed property types and private condominiums.
March 30, 2021

In Singapore, encountering an abundance of towering residential skyscrapers and condominiums is already a way of life. Residents of these high-rise buildings often enjoy the privilege of world-class amenities on top of their own units. However, there is still much to be said about getting the best of both worlds by living in a ‘landed’ real estate with these features without the need for sky-high accommodation — literally and figuratively. Enter townhouses, a property type that combines these residential aspirations and realities together.

To the uninitiated, townhouses may seem like an unusual residential option. But to some Singaporeans, the experience they bring in landed and luxury living make them one of the best choices out there for their permanent address.

In this article, we will give you the complete low-down on townhouses — what their features are, what makes them unique and how they compare against other landed property types and private condominiums.

Why is it Called a Townhouse?

The origins of the word come from the early days of England, where a noble family’s place of dwelling is usually located using a term called “in town.” This term was also a substitute for London, where most of these noble families lived and resided.

What is the Difference Between a Townhouse and Cluster House?

While townhouse and cluster house properties share the same quality of all being identical in design, structure and size, there’s one big factor that separates the two from one another.

Townhouse properties are usually enjoined by a common party wall that links all neighbors to one another. A cluster house community, however, is usually structured in a way that allows each home to have its own piece of land.

What is the Difference Between a Townhouse and an Apartment Condo?

An apartment condominium is usually located in a high-rise property while townhouses are generally low-rise in nature.

What Are The Features of a Townhouse?

  1. Modern facilities and amenities - Aside from offering landed living to its residents, townhouses have the full range of world-class features and amenities exclusive to residents such swimming pools, fitness gyms, playgrounds, and parking spaces.
  1. Safety and security for all residents - A townhouse development in Singapore is usually a gated community, providing residents with the added benefit and comfort of having 24/7 security services like condominium apartments and other residential condominium skyscrapers.
  1. Move-in condition for every resident - Unlike your usual landed property development, the newer townhouses usually offer potential residents with the move-in condition. This allows buyers to no longer have to go through the grueling process of handling maintenance and repair work for the house. This responsibility falls under the real estate’s management committee.
  1. Excellent property asset - Townhouses are also coveted asset properties with a good preserver of capital value in the market. For the last 10 years, the median per-square-foot (“PSF”) prices of this property type in the housing market have increased significantly.
  1. For international buyers -  Townhouses can be freely bought and sold by non-Singaporean citizens like foreigners and diplomats, making them the best choice for international expats looking for a house as they move permanently to the city-state. Additionally, townhouse buyers are exempted from a variety of tax payments normally attributed to other landed properties such as a good class bungalow. These are capital gains tax, inheritance tax, withholding tax for property disposal, value added tax and currency control.
  1. Exclusive landed and condominium living - Since land space is highly limited and regulated in Singapore, most Singaporeans live in high-rise housing such as condominium apartments and blocks. Only a few homeowners are able to enjoy living in this housing type, which offer both of the perks of condominium and landed living. As such, townhouses are considered to be one of the most coveted and exclusive properties in the country.
  1. Multi-generational living - Townhouses are an ideal living space for multi-generational households in Singapore. With an emphasis on the additional space and added flexibility of space layouts, these high-scale residential properties allow developers to make more interior and architectural accommodations for every family type.
  1. Green and modern spaces - Some of today’s modern townhouse properties or ones that are in development are known for building eco-friendly landscapes that span from green spaces to nature-inspired structures. With breathtaking views and a lush green background for any resident in Singapore, the promise of a greener living environment is a definite possibility for this living space.
  1. Management maintenance - Townhouses allow its tenants or owners to use state-of-the-art facilities without the responsibility or need of cleaning them afterwards. Along with other condominium buildings, the maintenance for these amenities is shouldered by the housing management.
  1. Easy access to facilities - Because of their close proximity to different facilities, residents of townhouses have the privilege and easy access of getting to these private places without any need of transportation or effort.

How Much Does a Townhouse Cost?

Depending on the location and real estate developer, townhouse properties in Singapore usually start from a price of S$1,000,000 to as much as S$5,000,000.

What Are The Best Design and Renovation Ideas for Townhouses?

  1. Modern and artistic house - One of the more recent house design ideas that townhouse condominium owners can consider when sprucing up their properties is this eye-catching theme. Some of the key traits of this design include striking and aesthetically-inclined furnishings and statement pieces.
  1. Minimalist living house - From an understated living room to a subtly designed kitchen, minimalist living housing spaces are all the rage these days. With the growing popularity of the age-old adage “less is more,” choosing this design idea for your house means you’ll never only go out of style, but you’ll also save lots of money in the process.
  1. Whimsical and bright house - Combining a mix of loud and statement-making design themes, choosing a whimsical design renovation motif for your own house can allow you to give the space an added pop of life and vitality.

Improving Your Townhouse Property

Whether you’re looking to minimally enhance or fully renovate your townhouse property, ColeBuild can help you make the whole process easier. We offer qualified construction and building renovation services for different landed properties in Singapore, so you can plan better, price better, and build better.

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