What is a Conservation House?

Conservation houses in Singapore are a collection of historically significant residential structures in the country which have been renovated and conserved for today’s modern times.
March 30, 2021

True to their name, conservation houses in Singapore are a collection of historically significant residential structures in the country which have been renovated and conserved for today’s modern times. These historic properties provide an important link to the city-state’s heritage and the citizens’ relationship with the previous generations.

From Telok Ayer Street to Emerald Hill, these homes can be found at the heart of some of Singapore’s most historically rich cities and areas. Guarded by preservation rules in Singapore’s urban planning and development, these significant heritage houses require conservation and renovation methods to keep up with the modern fabric of the country.

The majority of conservation houses in Singapore come in the form of shophouses — the iconic and colorful row of two to three-storey high complexes that bring any street to life with their vibrant, traditional and architectural designs. A shophouse property is usually influenced by a rich mix of Asian — Chinese and Malay — and European architecture.

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What Are The Features of a Conservation House Property?

  1. A distinctive architectural look - These private houses are widely famous for mixing classic architectural splendor and modern style. As majority of this type has been present for at least more than half a century, its interior and exterior features are more than likely to have withstood time — both in aesthetic and architectural principles.
  1. Cultural and historical significance - Conservation houses hold a lot of historical and cultural weight because of their past. Because of this, these private properties are usually regarded with higher renovation standards to comply with proper conservation methods.
  1. Higher property value - Due to a conservation house’s good historical value, it is considered to be a property marvel that sells fairly high in the real estate market. So if you happen have one of these in your portfolio of assets, consider this when negotiating with your market or buyers.

What Are The Best Design and Renovation Ideas for Conservation Homes?

  1. Partial renovation - If you’re looking to improve your own conservation home while wanting to retain most of its historical significance, a partial renovation is something that you can take on. With this design and renovation process, you will be able to make new and small improvements while still maintaining the cultural value that came along with the property’s inception.
  1. Modern extension - If you’re ready to take that big leap of improving your home or shophouse, consider a modern extension renovation. Under this design and renovation process, you will not only be retaining much of the house’s current state, but also improving it with new additional architectural elements designed to increase the structure’s overall appearance and functionality.
  1. Modern restoration - Retaining the inherent look of the house while going for bolder modern touches, modern restoration is for those who are looking to take on the challenge of fully revamping the house. This process usually also involves reconfiguring some of the parts of the house while still paying close attention to nearby surroundings with utmost respect.

How Much Does a Conservation House Cost?

Depending on the location and area, conservation houses usually retail in the market from S$2,000,000 to S$18,000,000. When it comes to major renovation or revamping, the normal cost would usually start from S$1,500,000. 

It’s important to take into consideration the square meter area, along with the number of floors that the house will consist of for both renovation and property scouting.

Improving Your Conservation House

Whether you’re looking to minimally enhance or fully renovate your conservation property, ColeBuild can help you make the whole process easier. We offer qualified construction and building renovation services for different landed properties in Singapore, so you can plan better, price better, and build better.

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