What is a Cluster House

A cluster house in Singapore is a type of hybrid housing scheme that is composed of homes that are identical in size, style and space.
March 30, 2021

A cluster house in Singapore is a type of hybrid housing scheme that is composed of homes that are identical in size, style and space. Similar to condominiums, cluster homes and communities are normally gated and inhabited by residents looking for convenience, security and privacy. Cluster communities also have exclusive facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and parking spaces. This property type is normally built with a two- to three-storey height and can come in the form of terrace houses, semi-detached houses and bungalows. In this article, we’ll discuss the best features of living in and owning a cluster house property and the best design renovation ideas when revamping one.

What is the Difference Between a Condo and a Cluster Home?

While both are built for a community of homeowners and residents, condos and cluster homes couldn’t be any different from one another. Condominiums are generally located in high-rise buildings and towers while cluster homes are modeled after landed properties that can afford residents with added privacy and space.

What is the Difference Between a Townhouse and Cluster House?

Townhouse properties are usually enjoined by a common party wall that links all neighbors to one another. A cluster house property, on the other hand, is usually designed and structured in a way that affords each resident to have their own piece of land and private space.

What Are The Features of a Cluster House Property?

  1. High investment returns - Cluster house properties have more financial edge over more traditional private property types. According to SLP International’s 2015 Report, capital values of cluster homes have risen faster compared to other conventional landed properties. Not only that, cluster houses have also been known to take in high rental revenue that equals other landed houses. Simply put, cluster houses provide great investment returns for its owners when it comes to rental and real estate selling.
  1. Privacy of landed property and facilities of a condominium - Cluster house residents often enjoy the best of both worlds with 24-hour security and the communal experience of facilities usually found in condominiums. Since these properties are built like a landed property, residents are able to experience having their own private home space and state-of-the-art facilities — all at a relatively lower price than owning all of these components in one living space.
  1. Reduced cost of maintenance - All cluster houses are managed by a developer that takes care of all maintenance and upkeep obligations. This includes renovating the communal facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, parking spaces and more. Additional upkeep responsibilities include repainting the façade of a cluster house or repairing any external damages to the property.

Is Cluster Housing a Good Investment?

Dubbed as the property with the luxury of a landed home and the facilities of a condominium, cluster houses are proving to be an excellent choice for property investment for many Singaporeans. In terms of value and returns, this property type has shown an edge over the more traditional properties for many years now.

Can Permanent Residents Buy Cluster Houses in Singapore?

Yes, a Singapore permanent resident or PR can buy a cluster home in the country as long as it’s located within an approved condominium project. However, if the cluster housing project is not classified under a condominium project, then a PR will have to apply and seek approval from the Land Dealings Approval Unit of the Singapore Land Authority.

What Are The Best Renovation Ideas for Cluster Housing?

  1. Modern contemporary - Most, if not all, cluster houses have modern and state-of-the-art finishes and styles. That’s why it’s no longer a surprise for a modern contemporary theme to dominate the majority of these homes. If you’re looking to update your cluster house with this design theme, expect to bring in lots of statement-making pieces such as updated flooring, ceiling, walls and even furniture.
  1. Modern industrial - If you’re in the mood to add touches of black, steel and rough edges to your cluster house, consider pulling a modern industrial look for your renovation. This design idea merges the old with the new by adding different industrial elements to update a space while retaining most of its old personality.
  1. Modern rustic - Incorporating modern furniture and open natural architectural elements, a modern rustic theme transforms a space into a haven of modern and classic living. This includes an emphasis on big windows, towering floors and a spacious floor plan.

How Much Does a Cluster House Cost?

Cluster homes typically start from over S$1.5 million and can go as high up to S$4 million. These prices are largely dependent on the location, amenities and the developer.

Upgrade Your Property With Ease

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