3 Ways to Get Rid of Bulky Furniture & Appliances in Singapore

Getting rid of your fridge, bed frame, or large cabinet? Consider these options when hauling away bulky items!
August 31, 2022

3 Ways to Do Furniture Disposal - Singapore

#1 Sell Old Furniture

One of the best ways to dispose of your bulky furniture is to sell them. After all, as the popular saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure! As long as your furniture is in excellent condition, tasteful, and listed within a reasonable price range, you may be able to earn a bit of cash while giving your furniture a new lease on life!


Carousell is an online shopping platform popular in Singapore, and is the site to list your secondhand furniture - as long as it is in sellable condition! Creating an account is easy and quick, and you get alerts on your mobile phone once your item has been sold. Deliver the furniture, or arrange a meetup, and earn while getting rid of your unwanted items.

Second Charm

Second Charm is a thrift shop with a vintage aesthetic that refurbishes vintage furniture. If your furniture has a vintage value on it, you may want to sell it to Second Charm so they can breathe new life into your old furniture.

Cash Converters

Like Second Charm, Cash Converters buys old furniture. However, they are not limited to accepting only vintage pieces. Cash Converters provides a list of acceptable items, and you can call them to inquire about your specific furniture. It's a great way to earn instant cash for your old, unwanted furniture!

#2 Junk Old Furniture

Unwanted furniture is best junked instead of sold, especially if the state of the furniture makes it no longer usable. There are multiple furniture disposal services around Singapore that offer to haul away your bulky furniture at a cost, and they may opt to junk these bulky items, or take them to proper recycling facilities. Here are some furniture disposal service companies:

Town Council Collection Services

First, check with the town council or the licensed waste collector of your local HDB for their collection services. Oftentimes, your local management may offer furniture disposal service for bulky items. Contact your town council, and inquire about their rates and limits - most services are free!

Public Furniture Disposal Service

The National Environment Agency offers a disposal service for bulky items under their public waste collector service. However, the disposal service is not listed in their range of services, which may incur a small fee for every furniture hauled out as they do not offer free disposal services.

Junk To Clear

Junk To Clear is a professional service provider and disposal collector that allows for last-minute hauling. They are the disposal company to call for items that can no longer be sold or donated, and will haul away your bulky furniture for a small fee.

Other Services

Other commercial disposal services include FortyTwo, Ace Disposal Services, Hock Siong, and Castlery, which charge fees depending on the weight and type of furniture to dispose of. Original Furniture offers disposal services provided that you purchase a similar piece of furniture from them as well.

#3 Donate Old Furniture

If you're not looking to sell your pieces, but would hate to haul them away to the junkyard, then donation is another option for furniture in good condition. Donating your furniture provides items to households in need, and is a fuss-free way to remove your unwanted furniture from your home.

SG FreeCycle

SG FreeCycle is a marketplace that typically connects buyers and sellers, but allows for donations as well. Users may post their furniture here for free, and if another user is looking for a donation, they may answer the listing. However, you will need to exercise caution when dealing with strangers online as negotiations are done through external sites.

Pass It On

Pass It On is a website where people can check and donate goods that coincide with the wishlists of needy households. Started by the Central Singapore Community Development Council, the platform is a way for citizens to come together as a community, and donate their belongings to those in need.

Neighborhood Groups

You may be surprised to find a neighborhood group in Facebook, WhatsApp, or Viber that caters to your local area. These neighborhood groups often discuss local news and updates, but some groups allow for selling or giving away items as well. However, you will need to exercise caution when dealing with strangers online!

Finding a Removal Service

Looking for a place to haul your bulky furniture can be challenging depending on your area and location. If you live in a tall apartment complex, you may incur additional costs as the removal service will have to haul your furniture down several floors. Always scout around for the best deal, and consider the usefulness of your furniture before deciding to toss it out.

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