10 Different Types of Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles have made building projects faster and more efficient. Here are the 10 most common types of construction vehicles used in construction sites!
July 7, 2022

10 Common Types of Construction Vehicles

#1 Bulldozer

The bulldozer is one of the most common types of construction vehicles, and is regularly used during the start of a construction project to move large pieces of debris, boulders, sand, and soil before any building starts. They are also used to remove tree stumps, and can clear rubble from demolished buildings to make way for a new project.

The bulldozer was originally made for agricultural uses, evident by the similarities of the vehicle with tractors. The dozer was meant to till and prepare lands for agricultural use, but is now one of the common vehicles used in the construction industry.

#2 Compactor

A compactor is used on the soil in construction sites, removing excess air pockets, and aiding in soil compaction to create a sturdy ground for the project. The compactor is a large piece of construction equipment that uses a heavy roller or plate to push the soil down. This vehicle is commonly used in road construction to create sturdy passageways.

Soil compaction is essential in preventing structural failure, particularly for commercial spaces where structures are meant to hold heavy materials and a higher weight capacity than in residential or private spaces. Air pockets beneath the soil can form weak points in the structural integrity of the area, which is why the compactor is needed in construction sites.

#3 Dump Truck

The dump truck takes debris to and fro the construction site. Dump trucks are used whenever the construction site requires moving large debris like boulders and tree stumps, as well as vast quantities of soil, sand, or rubble. Dump trucks may also deliver additional construction material to the building site.

Small dump trucks can carry an average of 7 tonnes of construction materials per dump truck, but larger dump trucks can average a 14 tonne capacity. The number of dump trucks needed in a construction site depends on the scope of the project, and amount of debris that needs to be hauled away. Average construction sites require at least 2 hauling, construction trucks.

#4 Crane

The crane is mainly used to haul large construction materials, such as steel girders and concrete blocks, over tall towers. Tower cranes make building skyscrapers more efficient, lifting heavy materials up multiple stories above the construction site for workers to assemble the materials on the spot.

Large tower cranes are now being used to lift prefabricated construction components for assembly at the construction site, allowing workers to complete complex construction activities off-site before loading them up to complete the project.

#5 Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer truck is a commonly-operated construction vehicle used solely for creating concrete for construction sites. The concrete mixer truck is also known as a cement mixer truck, but this is a misnomer as the truck mixes different components, including a cement binder, to create concrete used to solidify structures.

#6 Backhoes

Backhoes look and operate like excavators, but are smaller, and used in small construction projects. The construction vehicle is equipped with a digging bucket that connects to tractors or front loaders. It is better suited for smaller projects due to its size and limited capacity.

#7 Forklift

The forklift is used in multiple settings as a construction vehicle and as warehouse equipment. The forklift has a forked platform upfront that can hoist heavy loads to and fro short distances. In warehouses, small forklifts are used to stack boxes, move inventory, and load trucks with shipments. In construction, however, the forklift takes on an essential role.

As one of the most essential construction vehicles, forklifts do the heavy lifting around construction sites, and are responsible for moving materials from one area of the site to another swiftly and efficiently.

#8 Trenchers

Trenchers are used in construction sites for creating spaces for electrical lines, water lines, and other cables. As its name suggests, this vehicle creates trenches using the large wheels in front of the vehicle. It is one of the lesser-known construction vehicles, but is used in a plethora of projects ranging from home drainage, to trench warfare.

#9 Bucket Loader

Bucket loaders look similar to bulldozers, with the exception of the concave bucket attached to the front of the tractor. This bucket allows workers to efficiently dig soil and sand, and move materials or debris from one area into another. It may also load dump trucks or other construction vehicles with materials.

#10 Excavators

Like dump trucks, excavators carry sand, soil, and rubble from one area to another. However, unlike dump trucks, excavators are used to dig up underground spaces. These are often used in building houses and commercial spaces that require basements or underground parking spots.

Excavators also work to create a space where the foundation of the structure will be placed. Excavators are best used for creating tunnels for mining operations, underground railways and passages, and the like due to the size of the vehicle.

Know Your Tools

Having a trusted construction partner is one step further to getting your dream home or commercial space built, but it is important to be in the know when it comes to the details of your construction project.

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