7 Different Types of Construction Lifts

In the construction industry, lifts are used to make work easier by doing all the heavy lifting around the site. Here are the common types of construction lifts used.
July 21, 2022

From boom lifts to scissor lifts, construction sites make use of heavy duty machinery to lift equipment from one area to another. These construction lifts are essential to the efficiency of any road work or building site, and are specially engineered for rough terrain.

Different types of construction lifts do different jobs, and a building site may use more than one type of lift to do the heavy work. You may normally see a construction lift transporting steel girders or sacks of concrete from one end of the site to the other, or notice landscapers use cherry pickers to work on tree trimming. Here are the common construction lift types:

The 7 Different Types of Construction Lifts

These are the seven different types of construction lifts that are commonly used onsite in construction and renovation projects. These construction lifts may also be used for other purposes, such as road works, electrical and piping repairs, and landscaping.

#1 Telescopic Boom Lifts

The telescopic boom lift uses an extendable arm attached to a rotating turntable to lift up one or two workers at a time on its aerial platform. These lifts are used on projects and works that extend to taller heights, as the extendable arm can reach over 100 ft.

Telescopic boom lifts are mainly used for electrical repairs, trimming tall trees, and getting workers up to tricky locations. This type of construction lift may be used indoors with solid tires, or outdoors with inflatable, heavy duty tires. Heavy duty models, like the Genie S-60X, can carry up to 1,000-pound loads at maximum capacity.

#2 Articulating Boom Lifts

Like the telescopic boom lift, articulating boom lifts carry single workers up to tricky locations with the use of an extendable arm holding up the work platform. However, the articulating boom lift can bend over obstacles with its flexible, jointed design.

Articulating lifts are mainly used in repairs and maintenance projects. Articulating lifts may come in different sizes and heights for different uses, such as the spider lift used in smaller spaces. Smaller models allow workers to safely and comfortably use boom lifts indoors, and in tight areas where heavy equipment might damage the surroundings.

#3 Construction Forklifts

Forklifts used in construction are heavy duty, and can move and carry heavy loads from one area to the other. Commonly used in warehouses and manufacturing plants, forklifts are versatile in use despite their limited height capacity.

Rough terrain forklifts can travel long distances, and carry up to 8,000 pounds of building material. The machine was designed to withstand the tumbles of rough terrain, and are often used in construction sites to carry load from one area to another, up to heights of 21 ft. tall.

#4 Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Unlike articulated boom lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts can fit multiple workers on its platform. This is ideal for outdoor terrain as the machine provides stable ground for workers to stand on while doing construction and repair works. The solid tires of the scissor lift gives it stability on rough and uneven terrain.

#5 Electric Scissor Lifts

The electric scissor lift uses cross brace supports to lift a wide platform. However, as the scissor lift only moves in a vertical direction, its uses are limited compared to the articulated boom lift, and the telescopic boom lift. Electric scissor lifts can carry more workers on the platform, unlike boom lifts that carry up to two workers at a time.

#6 Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers, also known as aerial lifts, are common among road works, gardening, and landscaping. The machine consists of an aerial platform supported by a hydraulic crane, and is mainly used for maintenance projects, orchard work, and warehouse installation work.

#7 Telescopic Forklifts

Much like the telescopic boom lifts, telescopic forklifts feature an extendable arm with a forked lifting attachment meant to move items in tricky areas. These forklifts are used in projects that require both additional height capacity and weight capacity.

Your Next Construction Project

Different machines do different work in construction projects, and a good contractor should be able to determine the right type of machines needed for your construction project. Look to Colebuild for all your construction needs to make your project more efficient.

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