Renovation Contractor VS Interior Designer in Singapore

Should you hire an interior designer or a general contractor for your renovation project? We'll find out in our article!
September 12, 2022

Construction and renovation projects require a handful of people that oversee the project. You have your project manager, structural engineer, architect, general contractor, and interior designer among other roles. Each professional has a role to play in the project, but what's the difference between the different teams handling your renovation works?

In this article, we'll look into the differences between a renovation contractor and an interior designer, and find out how each role contributes to the success of the project. Whether you plan to hire these professionals yourself, or avail a renovation package, it is important to understand what each role does in relevance to your project.

Renovation Contractor VS Interior Designer: What's the Difference?

What is a Renovation Contractor?

A general contractor is part of the project management team, and is often interchanged with the project manager. However, unlike the project manager, the general contractor is often a team or company hired to oversee the remodeling project, construction, or demolition of a building.

A renovation contractor and an interior designer each carry different roles in a construction project. The contractor focuses on structural integrity, and works with an architect and engineering team to ensure the safety of the building process, as well as monitor the budget, permits, required documentation, and other construction factors.

What is an Interior Designer?

Interior designers, on the other hand, focus on the overall aesthetic in the space. They provide assistance on choosing carpeting, walls, functional and non-functional decor, and furniture. They may suggest the construction of hallways and molding, but are rarely involved in the building process of the foundation of the structure.

Interior designers work closely with the clients to adorn each room included in the home project. They create plans and furniture layout for the different pieces that go in each room, and may work in a design team. Interior designers also work closely with contractors on specific tasks pertaining to electrical wiring and other utilities relevant to their layout.

The Main Difference

Simply put, contractors build a house, while interior designers create a home. Both roles are essential in any renovation project for structure and comfort, and most interior designers work with general contractors to style the space to the preferences of their clients. Meanwhile, contractors ensure the project is completed smoothly and safely.

Do I Need a Renovation Contractor or an Interior Designer?

Now, should you hire an interior designer or a general contractor? That will depend on the scope of your home project. More often than not, general contractors can refer you to a partner design consultant that may offer advice on the layout and aesthetic of your room.

Contractors can assign a full team of designers and other professionals to your project so you won't need to scout for an engineer or construction workers to do the renovation works yourself.

When Do I Need a Contractor?

Contractors manage and oversee the entire construction process from start to finish, especially if they have their own in-house team of professionals. If you're concerned about hiring different roles for your renovation project, then hiring a contractor or subcontractors is your best option in completing your project efficiently.

Contractors deal with all the plans pertaining to your project, including budget, materials sourcing, manpower, blueprints, and more. They may provide a full assessment and details of the project after the initial meeting, which clients can approve of. They have the ability to pull permits, and provide good advice on how to save money with materials and layouts.

When Do I Need an Interior Designer?

Renovation works and home projects that require minimal to no construction works may work with just an interior designer. You will need to hire an interior designer if you want to maximize your space, and interior designers can provide trendy layouts for a modern dining room, a functional kitchen layout, or remodel your bedrooms to be more comfortable.

Because many interior designers work with contractors, their services may already be included in your renovation package. Design and build contractors, like Colebuild, provide start to finish services - they take care of the entire project process from pulling permits, to designing the finished project!

Finding a Good Contractor

Scouting for a suitable contractor can be challenging when you're unfamiliar with the industry, but a good contractor should be able to provide you with hassle-free, efficient, and optimized renovation expertise at various phases.

Here at Colebuild, we tackle the renovation works and construction projects from start to finish, bringing your idea to life! From blueprints to room designs, our professional team of architects, engineers, and designers will work with you in creating your dream home.

Give us a call to get an accurate quotation for your renovation project, and start building your ideal space! 

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