Most Eco Friendly Home Construction Materials

To save the environment, you should use Eco-friendly construction materials. These Eco-friendly materials are not harmful to the human health. These materials can also curb down the waste production rate.

Environment is degrading at a steady rate. Humans create nearly 1 billion tons of waste each year. This waste is huge. To save the environment, waste production rate must be reduced. One of the major waste production comes from the building materials. Building materials are made of harmful chemicals. These chemicals are not good for the human body and the chemicals are also not good for the environment.

To save the environment, you should use Eco-friendly construction materials. These Eco-friendly materials are not harmful to the human health. These materials can also curb down the waste production rate. So, the Eco-friendly materials are good, for both the inside and the outside environment of your house. A list of Eco-friendly construction materials is given below to inform you more about these materials.

Most Eco Friendly Construction Materials For Home

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is perhaps the most strong Eco friendly material. Bamboo is light weight and has an immense durability. Bamboo can be used to make strong walls and to make strong floors. Except water and insect, bamboo can have a really long life.

How it is Eco-friendly

Bamboo is not a tree. It's actually a kind of grass. It grows really fast and it needs no planting. It's Eco-friendly because using of bamboo doesn't harm the nature mother. It can be reforested and it's purely a natural material.

2. Recycled Steel

Recycled steel is very strong. The materials that are used to make steel can be recyclable. In this way, steel can be almost totally recyclable. Recycled steel can be used to make the frames or strong constructions of your house.

How is it Eco-friendly

It's Eco friendly because it's not made of raw materials (that comes from mining). Eco friendly steel is made of recycled steel. So, it doesn't harm the nature and you get a strong, Eco-friendly home.

3. (Previously Cast) Concrete Slabs

Pre-cast concrete is environment friendly and it can give you a healthy home. Pre cast concrete is strong and it can save your money. This slabs of concrete can be used to make walls and some of these slabs can also be used for the flooring. They can keep your home cool and comfortable.

How is it Eco-friendly

The process of making this concrete slabs emit low amount of carbon. The slabs are also made with less heating and less natural resources. Moreover, after the destruction of the walls, these slabs can be re-used to make road materials. So, these pre-cast slabs are good Eco-friendly material.

4. Recycled Wood or Reclaimed Wood

This is another option to construct your home. Recycled wood can be used to make strong beams, floors and very unique designs. These reclaimed woods don't require much coloring and they have a low maintenance cost.

How is it Eco-friendly

You can save trees if you use this recycled wood. The burning of woods will be less and you can save the environment from the toxic gases.

5. Natural Wool

Natural wool means the wool that is sheared from the sheep's body. Natural wool can be a good material for insulation. These wools can be put into the walls and this can prevent the chill in the winter.

How is it Eco-friendly

After the shearing of the wool, sheep's body regrows the wool. So, no sheep is killed during this process of shearing. Sheep's wool is hundred percent natural material and it's environment friendly.

6. Straw Bale

Straw bale is a sustainable option to build Eco-friendly walls. Straw bale is good because it keeps the balance in the room's temperature. For insulation straw bale has been used for decades.

How is it Eco-friendly

First of all, straws can be grown within months. So, if you are using straw bale, then you are not hurting the nature. Secondly, the process of making the straw bales don't require much natural resources.

7. Polyurethane Rigid Foam

Polyurethane rigid foam is a plant based foam. The foam can protect the home from the extreme cold and heat. The foam is made from the bamboo and hemp. It's a really healthy option for the insulation of the home.

How is it Eco-friendly

This rigid foam is made of the plants. So, these foams are recyclable and environment friendly.

8. Earth

Earth is also a great Eco friendly construction materials. Earth homes are popular all over the world. These homes are really low cost and they keep a wonderful balance in the room temperature. These earth homes can have great designs and attractive structures.

How is it Eco-friendly

Earth homes are made with bamboos and other natural materials. Hence, the materials are completely recyclable.

The above materials are Eco-friendly. To maintain the ecological balance in the nature, you should use all these materials to build your home. You can have a green, healthy and strong home, without destroying the environment.

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