The Guide to Budget Living Room Renovation Singapore

Renovating your home on a budget? Here are some tips to keep your renovations moderate!
October 7, 2022

Average Costs of Living Room Renovation

Living room remodel costs vary depending on the scope of work, the contractor fees, materials used, and the size of the space to be renovated. Choosing to renovate one room at a time is a good idea to break down the costs into manageable pieces, but even without structural, and major construction work, living room projects tend to cost between SGD 3,000 to SGD 7,000.

The range highly depends on the scope of the work, and mostly covers design ideas like natural lighting, designing the existing walls, replacing the coffee table, and the like. The cost does not include adding built-in entertainment centers, hacking for more living room space, or other living room remodel ideas that require heavy construction work.

For heavier work, the average living room remodel cost may go as high as SGD 20,000 or more for a small living room. This may still depend on the living room size, which differs depending on the number of rooms in your HDB unit:

  • 2-Bedroom HDB: SGD 7,500
  • 3-Bedroom HDB: SGD 9,700
  • 4-Bedroom HDB: SGD 13,000
  • 5-Bedroom HDB: SGD 17,000

6 Tips on Renovating Your Living Room on a Budget

Even remodeling one room in the house can already rack up a huge bill, and living room remodels are no exception. Whether you're looking to change your living room windows, or spruce up your living room furniture, you can always find living room remodel ideas that will help you stay within your budget:

1. Redesign the Existing Living Room

Sometimes, you won't need to reconstruct any walls or bearings in your living room, but doing a redesign of existing furniture items, adding some paint, and other decor may help renew and refresh your space. Hiring an interior designer will help you keep a stylish and smooth flowing design, and maximize the size of the space for your best comfort!

2. Decorate the Living Room Wall

A mural can help bring life into that drab and boring wall, and so can picture frames, hanging decor, and even a fresh coat of paint! Decorating your living room wall is a great way to renovate the space on a budget, and you can make functional use of the wall space to add built-in cabinets, shelves, or lighting as well to keep the costs down.

3. Secure a Renovation Loan

Need extensive renovations, but don't have the budget to pay in cash upfront? A home renovation loan is just what you need to complete your home improvement project, and break down the costs into manageable payments. Multiple financial institutions offer renovation loans, and interest rates will depend on your credit score, and the future value of the home.

4. Discuss with Your Contractor

It’s always important to discuss your budget with your contractor. Your contractor can help you stay within your budget, and even provide you options on alternative renovation works you can do that are within your budget range. Don't be afraid to inform your contractor of your budget before planning out your renovations - it's actually preferred to set the budget from the start!

5. Scout for Furniture Pieces

Always scout for furniture, wallpaper, carpeting, and other renovation materials - chances are that you can find the same, or similar items at much more affordable rates. The same goes for contractors: scout for one within your budget range and can work on your renovation plans for the best quality home improvement project.

6. Plan Out Major Renovations

Last but not the least, plan out any major renovations. Working on hacking or drilling walls? Plan it out ahead of time. Adding an entertainment center that requires extensive wiring and electrical work? Have a layout of your wiring system on hand to streamline the process. This way, you can manage the budget you spend on renovations, especially costly works!

Choosing the Right Contractor

Ultimately, it is choosing the right contractor that will make or break your home improvement project. Scout for a contractor that provides fair prices, and does quality work so you can be sure to end up with home renovations that you'll surely love! But it is also important to choose a contractor that will communicate with you for smooth construction.

Make Colebuild your top choice in renovation contractors! Our dedicated team of designers and builders are ready to tackle any renovation projects you're dreaming to do at home, and our efficient communication channels keep you updated with the ins and outs of your home project.

Make your renovation yours, and contact us at Colebuild for the best in renovation projects! 

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