Kitchen Renovation Cost Guide in Singapore for 2022

Customising your kitchen will revitalise your current space, but make sure you know the kitchen renovation cost before embarking on this project!
July 21, 2022

A kitchen renovation project is one of the basic renovation packages that will refresh any home with a stunning, new, and modern kitchen. Even a cheap kitchen renovation will be able to clean and refresh floor tiles and countertops, while advanced kitchen renovation may benefit from the expertise of an interior designer.

Regardless of what type of kitchen renovation you're planning to tackle, it is important to choose the right renovation contractors for the job, and understand the full costs of kitchen renovations that will fit into your allotted budget. Here's how much you could be spending for your kitchen renovation package:

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Kitchen Renovation (Singapore) costs around 3%-8% of the home's total value as per general rule. This may amount to anywhere between SGD800 for light renovations, to SGD27,000 or more for extensive renovations. Light renovation projects include painting and re-tile work, while extensive projects will completely overhaul your entire kitchen.

However, the average cost for moderate kitchen renovations is SGD5,000 for a kitchen renovation package. This includes completely hacking the floor tiles, and replacing them with upgraded designs. Cabinet doors may be fitted with modern hinges, and countertops may be replaced with new materials to complement the new look of your kitchen.

Why Renovate?

A renovation project does more than just update the aesthetic value of your living space, it may upgrade the overall value of your home. This is especially helpful when you're looking to sell your property in the near future.

Besides its resale value, a kitchen renovation would increase your enjoyment in your home as you prepare meals and cook up dishes with better efficiency. From renovating your stovetop, to replacing your kitchen cabinets with new models, there are various ways you can improve the design and functionality of your kitchen!

Breakdown of Costs for Kitchen Renovation (Singapore)

Renovation Work Average Cost in SGD
Carpentry and Demolitions $500 - $3,500
Kitchen Cabinet Renovations $150 - $450 per square foot
Kitchen Countertop Renovations $2,600 - $7,000
Sink Renovation Costs $800 - $1,100
Kitchen Appliances $1,500 - $10,000
Tiles and Flooring $9 - $12 per square foot

Below is the breakdown of the average costs for kitchen renovation (Singapore), which includes the common renovation works done in most kitchens like floor re-tiling, countertops replacement, and upgrading kitchen cabinets.

While these average costs may provide a glimpse of the usual budget needed for kitchen renovation works, it is always better to scout around for contractors with the best prices for quality work!

Carpentry and Demolitions: SGD500 - SGD3,500

Pre-renovation works may set you back between SGD500 to SGD3,500 depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Demolitions include removing built-in kitchen cabinets and countertops, as well as walls and floor tiles.

Kitchen renovation costs may increase beyond the budgeted amount if contractors will need to remove a load-bearing wall. The cost of demolishing a wall alone would already cost around SGD300 to SGD500, making any carpentry renovation project more extensive than simply overlaying tiles.

Kitchen Cabinets Renovation: SGD150 - SGD450 per Square Foot

Depending on the materials and size of your kitchen cabinet, you may need to set aside SD150 to SGD450 of your budget per square foot of your kitchen area. Cabinets are essential to kitchens, and they can make or break the overall aesthetic design of your space.

Wall cabinets have added costs for installation, and hiring experienced interior designers to help design your dream kitchen will also incur additional professional fees. For small, tight spaces, we recommend you install slide racks for that extra space that your cabinets may not have.

Kitchen Countertops Renovation: SGD2,600 - SGD7,000

From marble to resin, kitchen countertops are like the crown jewels of your kitchen. These are often made from the finest materials to fit the design of your space, and to show off your kitchen's interior design. Depending on the material used, you may be looking at a SGD2,600 to SGD7,000 price tag for your kitchen countertop!

Sink Renovation Cost: SGD800 - SGD1100

Sink renovations include overhauling and replacing the sink with new kitchen fittings, as well as plumbing services to fit your kitchen sink with new pipes. The cost to renovate your kitchen sink may amount to SGD800 for light plumbing and renovations, to SGD1,100 for total replacement of your sink.

Electric Kitchen Appliances: SGD1,500 - SGD10,000

Electric kitchen appliances like refrigerators, toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves may cost you SGD1,500 to SGD10,000 depending on the brand, model, and number of appliances you need fitted in your kitchen.

Tiles and Flooring: SGD9 - SGD12 per Square Foot

Having your kitchen floors fitted with ceramic tiles will cost you around SGD9 to SGD12 per square foot, but the price may increase to SGD15 per square foot for marble and granite tiles. Tiles and flooring work does not include the labour costs, which should be included in the cost for carpentry works.

Old tiles and flooring will need to be removed before laying on new tiles, but some homeowners may choose to re-tile the kitchen floor by layering the tiles over the old flooring to save up on carpentry costs.

Finding the Right Contractors

Home renovation works are costly, and even a kitchen renovation in Singapore will require a considerable budget. Finding the right contractor will help you optimise your budget, and provide you with a renovation experience that is convenient, hassle-free, and is of high quality!

For your nest renovation needs, look no further than Colebuild. Our design and build teams are ready to tackle any renovation ideas, and give you your dream kitchen! Make your kitchen renovation in Singapore worry free by scouting us for an accurate quotation.

Choose Colebuild, and ask about our full renovation services through our website!

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