Top Renovation Companies In Singapore

Learn what it takes to be a good renovation company in Singapore before hiring one.
September 6, 2021

Renovations spruce up your home and commercial spaces by repairing weakened construction spots, and updating your space to keep up with more modern trends. Most renovation contractors in Singapore have established themselves in the construction industry; but how do we find out which one can bring your dream home to life?

Home renovation isn’t cheap - they require some budget and time, so deciding on a contractor is no small feat. An unreliable contractor can even do more damage than before, as improper construction can cause further structural damage. 

Some contractors won’t have full services, so you’ll need to find a separate architect or interior designer to do the work, which may be costly.

This is why, when looking for a renovation contractor, you need to know what key features to look for. Key features and reviews can help you assess and determine which company is right for you, especially in regards to what you require the team to do.

Key Features of a Renovation Company in Singapore

When looking through construction companies or interior design firms to handle the work for you, take into account first what you want them to do, what your budget is, and what is the scope of the project that you will be hiring a renovation contractor for. Check, too, for any HDB renovation services for your HDB flat.

What are the key features to look for in a renovation company in Singapore? We can find reliable ones by inspecting a few key features that can determine whether a contractor does good on their word in providing good service. This way, you can be sure that the contractor you work with does not only get the job done, but they get it done in the best way.

Take note that, while some key features are generally considered as decision-making factors in most cases, you should assess the scope of your project to find a renovation company in Singapore that is not only high-quality, but also suitable for your construction and interior design needs.

smiling architect working on design on laptop
Experienced contractors can give you the best service depending on your requirements.


Experience might be the first aspect you look for in a quality renovation company. The amount of experience a company has determines how well they understand the industry, as well as what construction methods work best for commercial or residential projects. When a company has had years of experience, they tend to be more accurate in price and completion time estimates.

Essentially, a reputable company should know what to do regarding renovations in your house or office. Get a company that has had experience dealing with your type of house, whether it be an apartment or landed property, and find one that works with an interior designer firm that suits your taste.

However, it is important to note that just because a renovation company in Singapore has been operating for centuries, does not automatically mean they are immediately the best option. You should decide on a company that is also updated with modern construction techniques and design as they can tackle projects more efficiently.

hand holding model scale of modern home
Portfolios are the galleries of contractors

Strong Portfolio

Other than experience, a strong projects-and-design portfolio is a mark of a top renovation company. Renovation companies do not only need to be experienced in their field, but they also need to show that their experience amounts to expertise through the projects the company has completed over the years. 

Are the projects still standing strong or has it deteriorated after only a few years? Have the structures withstood the test of time, or are they already badly in need of repairs? Can they work on HDB flat units? Are they PTE LTD registered? These are just among the many questions that you should think about when looking through renovation companies.

couple holding keys to new home with scale model and blueprints in front
Go through reviews to find if the contractor is a good fit for you.

Good and Reliable Reviews

Good reviews are often overlooked, which is why many people rarely think about company reviews in their decisions. Reliable reviews are difficult to assess, as anyone can modify reviews online. Go to more trusted sources for reviews, like people you know personally, or review sites that you trust.

However, if you determine reviews to be reliable, then reviews are helpful in figuring out whether the company works and communicates well with their customers. A good renovation company in Singapore should be able to collaborate with their customer, and provide high standards in both their construction project, and their planning process - and reviews can show that.

Reliable reviews will also tell you how a company approaches projects, as well as what quality of materials they use, and the completion time of their construction. Reviews will also show how the construction company deals with delays and accidents. So, make sure to read customer reviews!

building blocks forming home image
Reputation can determine the style, price, and quality of a contractor's works.


Finding a company in Singapore with a pristine reputation and reviews may be difficult, but it is a worthwhile task as renovation companies with good reputations on their projects can surely become a big decision factor for you. 

You can assess the reputation of a company through their renovation packages in terms of time of completion, materials used, and even interior design style. Not all reputations are within the good-bad range.

Assess the company based on what they are known for, and find one that suits you best. A renovation company that specializes in residential housing may not necessarily be the best option to renovate your commercial building. Same goes for companies who are known for alternative construction methods.

man holding scale wooden model of a house
Find a contractor that gives full services for convenience.


You may also want to check on what renovation packages the company provides. Unless you have your own plans laid out architecturally, you may benefit from a company that offers planning, construction, and completion. 

You may even find companies that offer maintenance, as well as interior design with in-house interior designers. Some companies offer full-service to their clients, as the contractors can collaborate on the preferred style for their projects, and explain what materials need to be used. 

The company will then take on the construction and completion, including interior design, making the company a one-stop shop to address all your building and construction needs for both residential and commercial spaces.

hand stacking coins beside model house
Follow your budget and find a contractor that fits that.

Price Range

While you’re busy looking through the different key features to watch out for in finding a good renovation company in Singapore, you should also take into account the price range that a company offers. 

As renovation projects take a relatively long time, it incurs expenses along the way. Make sure to set aside funds for layout, planning, and interior design as well. Costs may be more expensive if you hire a renovation firm separate from interior design firm, so check for ones that can do both.

Find a renovation company that works with your budget so you can be assured that your renovation project will go as planned, without delays from the financial side. Always keep in mind how much you are willing to spend for this project, and match it with a company that can give you the best work.

young architect holding hard hat and clipboard
The contractor with the best services and customer reviews is your best option.

You Build Some, You Win Some

Renovations surely update your currently existing structures, making them stronger and last longer. They also give you the opportunity to redecorate your place. As with any construction project, you should give a lot of thought into your decision on which renovation company and interior design firm to go with.

We at ColeBuild Singapore pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality service to our clients at a cost-efficient price. We offer services ranging from concept and project management to, eventually, construction and design. We also offer planning of electrical and plumbing to get your space up and running.

We can collaborate with other planning and interior design firms or separate interior designers for your convenience. We’ll be sure to find the best furniture that suits your style. Our friendly and experienced professional team is always ready to collaborate with you so we can bring your dream home to life. 

Contact us on our number today or drop us an email on our website, and we can set a meeting to discuss what your projects would entail. Check out our website and blog for more construction and interior design tips!

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