How Long Does Home Renovation Take in Singapore?

Timing out your HDB renovation? Let's look into how long that home renovation will take!
September 12, 2022

Planning to do some renovation work in your home? Singapore's Housing Development Board (HDB) requires all homeowners to secure a permit before doing any sort of renovation work. Under the HDB renovation permit are the rules and regulations homeowners must follow to complete their renovations, including the renovation timeline.

Renovation Time (Singapore): How Long Do Renovations Take?

The short answer is that it depends. The completion time of a renovation project will depend on the efficiency of your chosen contractor or interior designer, as well as the homeowner's efficiency to make decisions that move the project forward.

Homeowners can typically discuss the timeline with their contractor or interior designer so they can get an estimate of when the project is set to be completed. Because renovations are comparatively simpler than full construction works, they don't take more than 3 months on average to obtain permits, prepare the space, and complete the project.

The project may be expedited with the help of a reputable contractor, who should be able to obtain HDB permits quickly, and plan out the renovation around the permitted time frame set by HDB to finish the project on time. Work closely with your contractor, and avoid the chronic renovation analysis paralysis to keep your project on track!

Average Renovation Timeline

In Singapore, the average renovation timeline lasts for 3 months, and the average Singaporean homeowner spends 1 month out of the three on decision-making. HDB renovation permits typically last 3 months from the date of approval, which is enough time to complete most renovations.

HDB and condominiums renovations typically last 2 months more or less, depending on the scope of the project, and efficiency of the contractor. Most homeowners take time jumping between decisions, so it helps to plan out the project beforehand, and know exactly what you expect from the project.

Permitted Renovation Hours

As per HDB renovation noise rules, noisy renovation works must be done between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, while general renovation work can be done between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. These renovation hours are included in the HDB renovation permit, and most contractors would know the permitted hours for the renovation project.

Tips for Renovating Within the Timeline

Three months may seem like a long period to renovate, but how long it takes to renovate depends heavily on the homeowner. Here are a few tips you can consider to avoid extending the HDB renovation permit, and to complete the renovation process within the time frame.

Find a Good Renovation Contractor

Contractors are there to oversee the entire renovation, and many renovation contractors employ in-house interior designers, architects, and engineers that can streamline layouts and planning. They are there during the whole renovation process, and will ensure the project flows smoothly.

Going the contractor route will minimize the time it takes you to scout for project managers, view through shortlisted interior designers, or apply for the proper licenses to move on with the renovation works. A good contractor should be able to get all these requirements for you!

Plan Your HDB Renovation Timing Ahead

Planning your renovations ahead will give you an estimated timeline of the project before you get your HDB permit. Homeowners may arrange inspiration photos with their hired interior design firm, or plan out the noisy renovations with their contractors.

By planning ahead, homeowners can avoid the dreaded chronic renovation analysis paralysis, as well as avoid the one month renovation permit to extend the renovation works beyond the given 3-month permit.

Take Out a Renovation Loan

The renovation process doesn't stop once the renovation works have been completed! Most HDB renovation works are funded by personal loans, which the homeowners will have to pay in increments. Taking out a renovation loan instead of a personal loan incurs lower interest fees, and homeowners can hasten the payment schedule of these loans.

Besides a loan, homeowners can also take out a home insurance which includes insurance for any renovations done in the home. This will save the homeowner the costs of repairing faulty construction works, and damages to the structural integrity of the home.

Finding the Right Contractor for the Job

Scouting for the right contractor can be difficult when you're not familiar with the industry. At Colebuild, renovating your home has never been easier! Our design and build teams are ready to tackle any renovation and construction project, no matter the scope.

Send us an email so we can discuss the details of your project, and provide you with an accurate estimate that fits your budget! 

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