Renovation Cost Singapore: How Much Should You Budget

Before doing any renovation, find out the budget you need to set aside for your project.
September 6, 2021

Creating the perfect home in Singapore can be costly depending on your location, and the size of your dream home. Your current housing may seem detached from your personality now, but some customization should make your place feel more like home.

Alternatively, you may be looking to renovate your home to repair some weak points or to make space for new appliances and furniture. Whatever the reason, home renovation can be costly, so you will need to assess the budget necessary for the scope of your project. 

Without quotes from a contractor, how do we know how much renovation costs we need to set aside? Before looking for contractors, keep in mind that scouting for prices is a great way to find an estimated budget for your renovation project. 

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Find out how much renovation costs before agreeing to do any sort of work.

How Much Does a Home Renovation Cost in Singapore?

Renovation costs in Singapore vary depending on the type of renovation, the type and size of your home, and the scope of work that needs to be done. Size and materials are the top contributing factors to the cost of home renovation in Singapore, as contractors will assess the manpower needed to carry on the work.

Type of Home

The cost of renovating one room in a 4-room HDB flat differs from the average cost of renovating an entire bungalow-style home. The type of housing you will have renovated will determine the scope of work, which in turn will determine the costs.

Size of Home

The size of your home factors into the cost as well. A large 4-room HDB flat would incur higher costs than a two or three room version. General rule is the bigger the place, the bigger the price tag. Fit the cost of renovation to your budget, instead of the other way around, to prevent overspending. 

Type of Renovation

Consider what type of home renovation you’re looking to have done. Is it a simple interior decorating, or will it require you to block off the entire area of renovation while the work is being done? 

Scope of Renovation

Besides the type of renovation, be sure to make it known to the contractor the scope of renovation as well. How big would the renovation area be, and how heavy is the process of completing the project? Your contractor would need to assess the materials, manpower, and estimated time of completion to give you an accurate cost estimate for your home renovation project.

Quality of Materials

Your renovation project will surely include aesthetic interior design work, which may include luxury materials such as marble and granite, bumping up costs. If not for design, materials needed to strengthen weak spots or to construct a new addition to your home may require some costly options. 

Talk with your contractor on finding the best deals for materials necessary for the project, as they usually have the knowledge to source materials from suppliers at better prices.

Average Costs of Different Types of Renovations in Singapore

While costs of home renovation in Singapore may vary from area to area, you can find the average cost by checking prices of common renovation projects online. Note that the average cost differs depending on light, moderate, extensive, or full renovations. 

We’ve compiled a list of common forms of home renovation in Singapore, as well as average renovation costs of each type:

Hacking: S$1,200 - S$2,800

Hacking involves removing fixtures, dismantling built-in cabinets, and removal of tiles or flooring. Hacking is usually done before renovations to start the area in a basic state. Hacking cannot be done willy-nilly, as the foundation of the house is in danger of structural damage. You will need professional services to properly hack away at the fixtures you need changed.

Extensive hacking will require additional time and manpower, driving up costs of renovation. Since hacking is the first step in physical renovation work, consider the costs in your renovation budget.

Masonry: S$10,400

Masonry can set you back around S$10,000+ depending on the scope of your renovation. Masonry involves replacing the fixtures and tiles that were removed after hacking. Masonry may also involve clean up after hacking, as well as the installation of built-in appliances.

Carpentry: S$17,950

Light, moderate, extensive, or full carpentry work would incur at least S$17,950. If you have fixtures, like wooden cabinets, steel door frames, or other works that require carpentry, then you will need to set aside the most budget for the manpower and materials needed.

Plumbing: S$2,800 - S$8,000

Every home needs a plumbing system, but for those times that you will need to have your plumbing fixed, make sure you have at least S$2,800 on hand for professional plumbing services. 

The price may go lower for common plumbing issues such as clogged drains and septic cleaning, but for complete plumbing services, the renovation may set you back as much as S$8,000.

Electrical: S$2,450 - S$5,450

Any type of work that connects to the electrical power source would require the services of an electrician who is knowledgeable at repairing and renovating these types of work. Electrical renovations may include changing of lighting fixtures, addition of power outlets, or re-wiring the electrical layout. 

Painting: S$800 - S$3,000

Painting or repainting your home may cost upwards of S$800 for small rooms, to S$3,000 or more for larger areas. Bungalows and other landed properties may incur even more renovation costs. The type of paint, for indoor or outdoor use, also factors in the average cost of renovation.

Glass and Aluminium Works: S$1,500 - S$9,450

Any renovation work that involves glass or aluminium, such as addition of glass partitions or doors, and installation of aluminium countertops, falls under glass and aluminium works. Aluminium works often go hand in hand with plumbing for kitchen sinks and basins. 

Cleaning: S$700 - S$1,400

Cleaning up after renovation work must be done by professionals, as there are plenty of hazardous materials and chemicals lying around the renovation area left behind from hacking, masonry, and carpentry. Your chosen contractor should be able to provide you with a cleaning service to get rid of construction debris, but its average cost will incur you between S$700 to S$1,400. 

Appliances: S$7,500

Installation of heavy duty appliances, such as washing machines, dryers, and air conditioners require professional assistance from maintenance personnel. Consider the cost of installing these appliances as part of your renovation costs.

Interior Designers: S$34,000 - S$234,000

While renovation costs mostly refer to costs incurred during construction and physical renovation, don’t forget that you will require the expertise of an interior designer as part of customizing your home. 

Interior designer costs vary based on the scope of work, with a 4-room HDB apartment costing upwards of S$34,000 on average. Scout for the best quotation, and don’t forget to include interior design as part of your total renovation cost.

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Always get quotations from different contractors to find the best value for your project.

What Else Should You Factor In When Renovating?

Contractor Expertise

Numerous construction and renovation companies in Singapore will attempt to lure you in with their competitive pricing, advanced technology, and modern styles. However, all those are just bells and whistles if the company fails to deliver the exact renovation work you asked for in the first place. 

The most important aspect in determining a good contractor is the expertise. Look for a contractor who can work with your type of home, as well as the scope of renovation you are asking them to do. Commercial contractors may not provide you the best service when you’re renovating your apartment, while contractors known for their contemporary style may not suit your classic tastes. 

Foundation Strength

Before renovating your home, check the structural integrity of your foundation, and whether it can withstand renovation pressure or not. The weight of your newly constructed veranda may be too much for your home, and the end result can be disastrous.

If you live in an apartment complex or condominium, a quick meeting with your building manager and engineers can provide your contractor with the necessary blueprints to assess the maximum weight that your foundation can withstand. For landed structures, you can often obtain the blueprints from when you bought the property.

Permits and Documents Needed

For any sort of construction, you will need to ensure that your renovations follow the standards and procedures necessary in your area. Different cities and districts around Singapore will have their own rules and regulations regarding construction and renovations, so best to check with your local laws. 

Alternatively, private residential buildings may prevent tenants from doing any sort of construction in their respective units, as these are usually rented out afterwards. Check with your building management on what type of renovations are allowed in your unit, and what procedures will you need to follow to approve renovation work.

Your contractor should be familiar with the permits and documents needed to start construction. Provide your chosen contractor with the information they may need from you to submit required documentation to approve renovations.

How to Set a Budget for Renovation: Essential Tips

Get Quotes from Different Contractors

Construction companies offer different packages and costs per project, as each contractor has a different opinion on how to go about the renovation process. Scout for quotations among reliable and reputable contractors to find the company that can work with your budget. 

Make sure to check on the reliability of the company, and ask for details of the project so you can assess the materials used, manpower needed, and procedures that will be done in order to complete the project. 

Use a Budget Calculator

A budget calculator can help you to estimate the amount you need to complete the project and pay the cost of renovation. Online calculators set to Singaporean standards are available for you to use and predict the total average cost of renovating your home. 

Use the average cost of renovation works as listed above, or your own quotation from construction companies, to calculate more or less how much you will need to set aside for your home renovation project.

Get a Personal Loan or Renovation Loan

Most banks around Singapore offer personal or renovation loan packages that can help you manage your budget during home renovation. A renovation loan was made specifically for homeowners who don’t currently have the budget for renovations, but whose homes are in urgent need of reconstruction. 

Talk to your bank for the average interest rate of renovation loans, and whether you fit the criteria to apply for a personal or renovation loan.

Minimize Renovation Waste

As much as possible, minimize renovation waste by providing your contractors with precise, detailed information about your renovation project. Set exact expectations on how you would like the project to be done so the contractor can work with your vision, and minimize purchasing unnecessary materials. 

Keep an eye on your home during renovation, and discuss with the project manager assigned to you to measure out exact materials needed for the project to avoid purchasing excess materials that may not even be used during construction. Excess materials not only drive up the cost of renovation, they are also a hassle to deal with after renovation has been completed.

Find a Professional that Works With You

Setting your renovation budget may seem intimidating, but a good renovation company should be able to guide you through the entire process. We at ColeBuild Singapore pride ourselves in providing full services to our customers, from planning to execution. Our qualified professionals have built a strong reputation in providing excellent construction and renovation services here in Singapore.

Contact us on our website or WhatsApp today, and we can discuss the process of turning your dream home into a reality. Check out our website for more information, or check out our blog for more construction tips and tricks!

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