Ultimate Guide on How to Soundproof Your Room in a Budget

Can't sleep, work, or relax because of a noisy neighborhood? Here are some soundproofing solutions to consider in your home!
August 31, 2022

From traffic noise to noisy neighbours, there are numerous reasons to soundproof your home. However, complete soundproofing kits may be expensive, especially if you have large spaces to fill. Here are a couple of ways you can soundproof your home without spending a small fortune:

The Importance of Sound-proofing (Singapore)

Soundproofing your home is important for two reasons: (1) to keep the sound out, and (2) to keep the sound in. For the first reason, you may live in a bustling location where noise pollution levels are high, and soundproofing your home may provide you a quiet space to work productively, and sleep comfortably.

For the second reason, you may work with noisy equipment, or require full silence in recording voice lines, songs, or vlogs. Thus, you will need to keep the noise in for the consideration of your neighbours, and to prevent noise complaints from households next door.

You may also want to keep the noise out while preserving the sounds in at the same time. Either way, soundproofing your home provides privacy for you, and prevents noise from entering your home!

How to Soundproof Your Home on a Budget

#1 Sound Insulation Foam

Sound insulation foam is a thick, plush-like material that is often installed inside walls to prevent sound waves from passing through easily. The insulation material absorbs sound vibrations, and neutralizes them to prevent external noise from reaching your home.

#2 Blankets and Quilts

Using thick blankets and quilts is the cheapest and most accessible way of soundproofing your home. The thickness of the plush material absorbs sound vibrations, and prevents them from getting into your home. The method is effective in drowning out the sound of your noisy neighbour, but may not be effective for louder noises.

#3 Soundproof Windows

Soundproofing your windows can be done by placing a thick blanket or insulation material over the windows, but doing so defeats the purpose of see-through windows. Instead, opt for soundproof windows that look and feel like regular windows, but block out sounds. These windows make sound waves bounce off the material, preventing them from seeping inside.

Budgeted? You can soundproof your windows with thick cork, sponge, or insulation material as a temporary measure to block out external noise. However, if your area tends to get noisy frequently, we recommend investing in soundproof windows for the windows facing the source of the noise, such as the road or another home.

#4 Acoustic Soundproofing Panels

Acoustic soundproofing panels look, feel, and act like sponges that absorb sound. They prevent sound from escaping your home - perfect if you often work with instruments, noisy equipment, or generally prefer an active home environment that your neighbours may not appreciate. These panels are similar to those used in recording studios to block out sound too!

While professional installation is preferred, you can purchase these panels online at fair prices, and install them yourself to create a soundproof barrier in your home. There are panels that work for general white noise, as well as panels specifically made to block out high frequency sound waves. They come in different thickness, designs, and materials as well.

#5 Flexible Soundproofing Strips

Sound waves can travel through gaps in the walls, doorway, and windows, which can lead to a lot of sleepless nights if you have particularly noisy neighbours. Even if you soundproof your walls and windows, small air gaps can allow sound waves to travel through your home. A cheap fix is to use flexible soundproofing strips that will block the noise out.

These soundproofing strips can be purchased online, and they contain two soft rods encased in a thin, flexible material that connects the two cylinders. These strips slip under the door to block out noise, as well as through air gaps in the windows and walls.

#6 Cork Boards

Thick cork boards do more than just keep the memo note you wrote to yourself. They are insulation materials as well, capable of absorbing noises. Cork is also relatively cheap and accessible, and you can cut large pieces to fit exactly into your room.

However, cork has a relatively short lifespan compared to other solutions, and may not be as effective in soundproofing your home as you may have hoped. Still, they provide an accessible solution in a pinch, and can act as sound-absorbing panels that block out moderate levels of noise from the outside!

The Perfect Solution

Nothing beats the seamless and quality sound-proofing of professional renovations! Plus, expert doesn't have to mean expensive - there are numerous options that provide quality sound-proofing without the hefty price tag.

Give us a call at Colebuild, and we can provide an accurate pricing on renovation and construction works to reduce noise transmission so you can enjoy those quiet, cozy nights! We offer a wide range of sound-proofing solutions for every budget.

Stop the noise pollution, and contact us for sound-proofing solutions today!

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