Floor Renovation: Types, Ideas and Cost Guide in Singapore

Here's what you need to know before you get started on renovating your flooring!
August 31, 2022

Renovations are done to breathe new life into spaces, and floor renovations can make any space look new! Flooring easily degrades due to everyday wear and tear, and new floors can upgrade your space, making your home look modern, new, and comfortable!

What is Floor Renovation?

A floor renovation project refers to any minimal construction works on the flooring of the home. This includes re-tiling the floors, remodeling or removing the carpets, replacing missing panels, and other renovation works pertaining to the flooring.

The most common floor renovation is flooring replacement, where the old floor is hacked away to make way for new floors. These new floors are meant to update the space, or to refinish the home with a new look. Floor renovation costs depend on a number of factors like labor and materials cost.

How Much Does a Floor Renovation Project Cost?

The cost of a floor renovation project will depend on three main factors: the size of the area to be renovated, the type of flooring materials used in the renovation project, and the scope of work to be done by the flooring contractors. These factors determine the costs of the renovation project.

For instance, replacing the panels of a hardwood floor may cost anywhere between SGD8 to SGD25 per square foot of flooring, depending on the type of wood used. Laminate flooring tends to be less costly - between SGD2.5 to SGD8 per square foot. Other materials will have different costs separate from the installation and labor costs as well.

Type of Flooring

Type of Flooring Average Cost
Ceramic SGD19 per square foot
Granite SGD15 per square foot
Laminate SGD5.4 per square foot
Marble SGD55 per square foot
Parquet SGD14.5 per square foot
Tiles SGD19 per square foot
Vinyl SGD4.75 per square foot

Many homeowners prefer to renovate the tile floor of their homes, replacing old tiles with new tiles of modern design or material. Ceramic materials may cost between SGD3 to SGD35 per square foot depending on the quality of material. Marble and granite tiles cost between SGD10 to SGD100 per square foot each, and are considered premium flooring materials.

Replacing hardwood floors may incur additional costs as well, and these costs are sans of the labor and installation costs of your flooring project, which may amount anywhere between SGD3 to SGD10 per square foot depending on the complexity of the job. You flooring contractor should lay out the budget for the project when you ask for a quotation.


Carpeting and installations are often charged per square foot of space, and the price may vary between SGD2 to SGD5 per square foot. The prices may increase or decrease depending on the material of the carpeting. Carpeting can be a plush alternative to hardwood floors, but will require additional cleaning and maintenance to keep its durability.

Removing carpets is another renovation project typically done when the homeowners want to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring, tiles, or other flooring material. Removing carpets can be a daunting task, especially with years-old adhesive stuck to the floor. Carpet removal is often a fixed price, and should be included in your quotation.

Refinishing Floors

Refinishing your hardwood flooring is good maintenance to refresh your wood floors, and bring out the shine and smoothness of the flooring through sanding, polishing, and varnish. Marble and natural stone floors can also be refinished to keep the material looking new.

This flooring renovation project may cost between SGD3 to SGD8 per square foot, depending on your chosen contractors. The price includes sanding, polishing, and varnishing the floors, but may not include professional fees. If your flooring needs to be leveled before finishing, you may incur an additional SGD200 for the labor cost.

Flooring It

Floor renovation is a great way to upkeep your home without having to demolish major aspects of the property. Most HDB flats allow floor renovations as long as the proper documents are secured. Homeowners can make the most of their renovations by picking their best flooring choice, and working with interior designers to fit the floors to their aesthetic.

New flooring can make any home feel new, and our expert team at Colebuild can help you reach your renovation goals! Talk to us, and let's see what we can do to personalize and customize your space - you'll never feel more at home!

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