What is a Detached House?

Detached homes are a popular choice among residents looking for a more private, secure and contemporary home setup. It’s also considered as the most luxurious type of landed residence
March 30, 2021

In Singapore, detached homes are a popular choice among residents looking for a more private, secure and contemporary home setup. Also known as good class bungalows or GCB, detached houses are often located in prime and upscale locations that offer security and privacy for residents. Since it’s considered the most luxurious type of landed property,  GCBs must have a minimum land area or a plot size of about 1,400 square meters or 15,070 square feet. The built-up size for this property type is usually around 10,000 square feet, with a space allocation for a car porch that can house up to three to four vehicles. Additionally, this property type is also famous for always having a swimming pool and a garden.

What is the Difference Between Detached and Semi-Detached Houses?

The main distinction between the two property types normally depends on how each is plotted and constructed. For example, a detached house is usually constructed in a free-standing structure inside its own plot of land. A semi-detached house, on the other hand, is usually built side by side with another similar property and is always joined by a common party wall.

What is the Difference Between a Bungalow and a Detached House?

When it comes to the two properties, good class bungalows are often reserved for high-profile residents due to their extremely large plot sizes, posh and ultra-exclusive locations and special planning constraints. However, that isn’t to say a detached house is no longer a prime choice for an exclusive residential dwelling; the property type also offers privacy, security and most of all, an elevated living experience for all of its residents.

Is a Detached House Worth More than a Semi-Detached Property?

Yes. Detached houses are usually more expensive than semi-detached properties.

Why are Detached Houses More Expensive?

Due to the exclusivity, construction type and spacious plot size of detached houses, they are generally considered far more expensive than semi-detached houses.

What Are The Features of a Detached House?

  1. Stylish interiors and exteriors - Detached houses come in different styles and appearances that run the gamut of design and aesthetic. There are colonial bungalows or the black-and-white homes that bear both old and new features, thanks to their storied architectural past and the contemporary present. Modern bungalows or detached houses on the other hand are known to exclusively hold appearances inspired by the contemporary present.
  1. Spacious and free-standing - Since GCB homes are standalone property types that do not share a wall with another property, privacy and freedom of space are two of its best qualities that residents usually enjoy. With a minimum land area requirement of 1,400 square meters, these homes are known to be extremely spacious and a prime property type for additional home amenities such as swimming pools, gardens and garages.
  1. Prime and upscale locations - Good class bungalows are usually located in prime Singaporean residential districts such as Nassim Road, Cluny Road, Eng Neo Avenue, Swiss Club Road, Binjai Park and Chestnut Avenue. These residential locations are usually exclusive and high-scale in nature, offering its residents with added security and the privilege of fine living.

What Are The Best Renovation Ideas for This Home Property?

  1. Modern minimalist - One of the most popular home design ideas that homeowners can turn to is modern minimalism. Some of the top qualities of this design type include understated furnishings to complement intentionally bare and empty spaces. 
  1. Open home design - With a core design theme of openness and space, this renovation idea is perfect for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes to give way to a lighter and wider breathing room. This design incorporates higher and wider ceilings that are complemented by statement-making accents such as modern chandeliers, tables, and textured walls.
  1. Modern contemporary - Using modern fixtures and a contemporary design approach to renovating, this design idea results in striking interior finishes that are enhanced by unusual fixtures and home pieces far from the ordinary. This is perfect for homeowners looking to switch from a traditional home design type to a bolder and statement-making home.

How Much Does a Detached House Cost?

Detached house properties in Singapore usually go from S$5,000,000 to over S$20,000,000 in the market.

Improving Your Property

Whether you want to make small improvements to your property or make major renovation changes, ColeBuild can help you make the whole process easier. We offer qualified construction and building renovation services for different residence types in Singapore, so you can plan better, price better, and build better. Whether you own a semi detached house or a detached house, contact us today for a free quotation.

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