Cost of Rebuilding a House in Singapore

Ever wonder how much does it cost to rebuild a house in Singapore? We cover the general pricing of complete rebuild, major and minor additions & alterations, for all types of properties including terraced and landed houses.
March 30, 2021

Ever wonder how much it would take to rebuild your Singapore property? We breakdown the process for you, so you don’t have to

house in Singapore with pool

Safe, secure, and stable, it comes as no surprise that Singapore remains a Southeast Asian gem for good reason. It’s thriving, clean, and all kinds of pristine, making it a go-to for city-loving tourists and an aspirational place to settle down and build a property for Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

Singapore’s upscale neighborhoods house properties big and small, owned by generally satisfied citizens who snagged the best estate spot at a good price within beautiful walls and under a well-made roof. But, as the cliche says, there’s always room for improvement.

Whether it’s the desire for new, a craving for change, or an itch for the different – no fret. There’s no need to leave your comfort zone, relocate, and build another house from scratch. Why not just rebuild your home?

Skip the hassle of packing up and the fatigue of moving – rebuilding your house in Singapore is not only the more convenient option; it’s also very time-efficient, easier on your budget, and easy, especially if you’ve got the right team.

Rebuilding Designs for Houses

If you’re looking for change, sometimes a fresh, new, modern look is all your home needs. Want a completely modern property with a classic pitched roof? No problem! The process usually starts with consultancy work, a two-way discussion for you to express your specific housing needs. Done? After the necessary demolition, the piling work begins.

Piling involves the excavation, disposal, and transferring of earth. Once all the dirty work is done, the real structure work begins – this includes concrete, rebar, formworks, Lean Concrete, Hardcore, BRC, steel works, roof structure, and then RC Kerb.

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This is the bulk, which is then topped off afterwards with roofing works, masonry works, door works, aluminium works, glass works, metal works, external works, M&E works, ceiling works, finishing works, furniture fitting, and a pool. If your house doesn’t have a pool, that’s okay! This kind of work can apply to landed properties with or without a pool and a basement.

The whole rebuilding process costs at least 1,000,000 SGD, depending on the Gross Floor Area (GFA) of the home. Looking to rebuild and improve your home? Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Major Additions & Alterations

Rebuilding a house isn’t limited to an almost complete overhaul; others opt doing major additions and alterations to the house and its structure. Usually, this isn’t a major change – most clients request for a mere extension of the floor, or sometimes, to just leave the structure and renovate the rest, similar to the materials mentioned earlier.

hardwood flooring

Depending on your home needs, cost of building a house in Singapore for major additions & alterations is usually 800,000 SGD onwards, depending as well on the GFA. If you want to upgrade your home today, contact us for a free consultation.

Minor Additions & Alterations

The last type of rebuilding is through minor additions and alterations to the house, a process that does not need to touch its structure – just a simple renovation and changing of tiles or flooring.

The materials needed also depend on your specific needs, but this minor process usually goes for around 300,000 SGD. If you're planning to do some minor alterations on your landed property, you can contact us by filling up the form below for a free quotation!

The Verdict

Whether you’re looking to reinvent your whole home, change its structure and design, or just jazz up its flooring and tiles, ColeBuild can help you on your rebuilding journey, no matter the need. ColeBuild offers qualified construction and building renovation services for landed residences in Singapore, so you can plan better, price better, and build better. Because isn’t “better” what your home deserves?

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