How Much Do Construction Workers Get Paid In Singapore?

The average salary for construction workers in Singapore may vary by experience level, companies hiring, and job title.
July 7, 2022

Construction work in Singapore is consistently ongoing, especially with the development of urban communities growing year-on-year. The construction industry grows an average of 3% each year, and this growth can be attributed to the efforts of construction development teams, engineers, architects, and construction workers.

Construction workers do the manual labour in construction sites, working long hours to complete the project, and make sure everything is built smoothly. Structures have to be stable, as well as completed in a timely manner, so building sites would employ multiple construction workers across different levels of experience. Here are the average salary estimates per job title.

Construction Worker Salary (Singapore)

Average Starting Salary in Singapore

The starting salary of a construction worker in Singapore would have an average hourly wage of SGD4.28, amounting to approximately SGD2,120 per year. Average salary estimates may differ depending on the company hiring, the experience level of the employee, and scope of work that the construction worker will have to do.

Mid-career Construction Worker Average Salary in Singapore

Mid-career construction workers with at least 5-8 years of experience would have an average hourly pay of SGD15.75, amounting to SGD6,240 per year. Mid-careers assume more responsibilities than starting or novice workers, and may even train newcomers as mid-level workers are usually established employees of the same company.

Management-level Construction Worker Average Salary in Singapore

A Management-level construction worker would have an annual salary anywhere between SGD17,227 to SGD 199,000 depending on skills, experience, and average salary per project. However, the median salary is around SGD13,100 per month. Managers do little manual work, and mostly oversee the project as a whole, which requires a significant level of experience.

Foreign Construction Workers Average Salary in Singapore

Migrant workers are often hired as the base pay for a foreign construction worker is around SGD800 per month. The costs of employment pass, food, and housing are often shouldered by the companies hiring foreign workers, and the average salary for a foreign construction worker in Singapore may increase with overtime pay as per agreement with the company.

Scope of Work for Construction Workers

Construction Work in Singapore

General construction work in Singapore consists of building the structure: excavating, erecting scaffolding, laying the foundation of the building, cementing, removing debris, and even operating heavy machinery used in construction sites. A starting construction worker would often do the most manual labour, particularly jobs that require more time and energy.

Mid-career Construction Worker Job Scope

Mid-career construction workers are more experienced than novice workers, and often train newcomers entering the job site. They operate heavy machinery, and lead in the different tasks that need to be completed. They may also be in charge of operating heavy machinery that newcomers may not know how to use.

Mid-careers often use the years' worth of experiences they accumulated in determining the time-frame, schedule, or processes in the project. They work faster than any new construction worker, and serve as seniors for newbies to converse with regarding the construction project.

Management-level Construction Worker Job Scope

Construction managers do very little manual labour - if any at all. Their scope of work includes overseeing the construction project, making sure everything is done on schedule, and preventing any mishaps by enforcing safety measures for each construction worker.

They are in direct contact with the project development team, architects, and engineers as relevant information is relayed to construction managers to be disseminated to construction workers. Managers also oversee each construction worker in their project site, ensuring all workers stay productive and safe.

Foreign Construction Workers Job Scope

The scope of work for foreign workers rarely differs from the scope of work of local workers. A foreign construction worker may be hired as a starting worker, or a manager, and will take on the respective duties as such.

Salary Increases

In the construction industry, a worker may receive a salary increase based on their education level, experience, and expertise. Higher job levels receive higher pay, and overtime pay is common among construction sites. Workers typically start out with the lowest salary, working their way up to a good salary through promotions and experience.

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