Commonly Used Construction Methods

There are many construction methods available to do. Here, we breakdown the 3 most common methods and their pros and cons, so you can select the right one for you.
March 31, 2021

Apart from the major types of construction, there is also a wide variety of common construction methods that the industry capitalizes on. These methods are different in the lines of cost, sustainability, durability, repair and maintenance among many more related considerations. It is very important you consider those factors before deciding on which construction method to go with. You have to pick on a construction method that will suit you at all costs. It will be a good idea to consult on which construction method to go with. Professionals in the construction industry will give you reliable insight that will influence your decision. Below are some of the commonly used construction methods:

Traditional Stick Framing

Definitely one of the easiest construction methods you will ever come across. It involves simple and easily accessible construction materials. This means you will have to save a lot of cash on construction materials. This method kicks off with assembling the crucial skeleton of the building. The main skeleton includes flooring systems, rafters, ceiling joists, wall studs, and roof trusses. The items making up the skeleton will be put in place in a systematic process. In the end, a platform for the whole building is created. Traditional stick framing begins from the floor going up. The exterior of the building is usually coated with quality bricks, stucco or sidings.


  • User-friendly - This is arguably the easiest common construction method. It is simple to use when it comes to constructing a building.
  • Saves time - You need very little time to construct a home when using Traditional Stick Framing. Obviously, you will have more time to concentrate on enhancing the aesthetic value of your newly constructed house.
  • Cost effective - Traditional Stick Framing is one of the cheapest construction methods you can use. It allows you to save a lot of funds on construction materials and labor.
  • Less labor - There is no need to bring on board too much labor when using this construction method.


  • Durability issues - This construction method does not give you a durable home or premises. The house can easily catch fire and hence leading to losses.
  • Not suitable for every area - It is well suited in places such as North America. This is a limitation that jeopardizes its use all over the world.


This is an amazing construction method that has become popular over the years. It is very reliable in the construction of single homes. It entails the use of concrete installations and wood framing. The wood framing is used together with concrete in making roofs, internal walls, and ceilings.


  • Durable - It goes with no say that concrete is very strong. This just confirms that your house will be able to serve you for a long time.
  • Enhanced Security - Concrete walls provide additional security. This is one of the reasons why concrete is being used in the construction of many houses to date.
  • Aesthetic Value - You can use wood framing together with concrete to create more beautiful walls and floors.


  • Quite expensive - This construction method will need you to spend more cash. For that reason, not everyone can employ this construction method.

Light Gauge Steel

The use of light gauge steel in construction is one of the most recent trends in construction methods. It draws similarities from traditional stick framing. However, here you will be required to use metal instead of wood.


  • Durable - This construction method will give you a house that will serve you for a long time. Steel does not rot and cannot be damaged by termites.
  • Enhanced Security - Through this construction method, you will feel very secure in your house that is constructed from light gauge steel. You do not have to worry about cracking walls which create unnecessary openings that high jeopardize your security.
  • Quality - This construction method involves the use of quality construction materials. The steel used in construction is not only durable but also strong. Your house will have a longer lifespan.


  • Expensive - You will have to spend a great fortune in order to get the best light gauge steel design. This construction method cannot be used by everyone when it comes to constructing a house. If you want to use it then you will need to save a lot.

There are many construction methods available for use. Not all those methods will give you that durable and amazing house you need. For that reason, you need to be very careful when selecting a construction method you intend to use. However, if you're looking for modern construction styles, here's a post that we wrote about the trends in construction industry. It's a short read and we think you'll be as excited as we do.

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