Common Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

There are various heavy equipment used in construction.
May 28, 2021

Construction is a highly profitable industry, with every country utilizing the practice to plan, build and establish different structures and establishments in the modern world. 

Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common types of heavy construction equipment used in the industry.

Most Common Types of Heavy Equipment Used In Construction

1. Excavators

Excavators are used in construction to tear down structures and dig holes or trenches for railroad lines. They are used also for printing foundations and placing underground utilities. Excavators range from medium-sized machines that can carry 20 tons of dirt to the largest ones, which can carry 300 tons of earth. 

They are so big that they usually have to be towed by a truck. There are two kinds of excavators: hydraulic and mechanical. The latter uses a stick instead of hydraulics to control its movement.

2. Feller Bunchers

Feller bunchers are used to cut down large trees and clear land. They are especially useful in the forestry industry. Feller bunchers range from small skidders that can carry 4 tons of wood to larger ones that can carry up to 36 tons. 

They are also called forwarders since they cut trees and stack them at a specific location without any help from humans. Feller bunchers have several uses in construction including clearing land for building sites, creating firebreaks, and clearing paths for railroad lines.

Feller bunchers are usually made up of one unit and can be as tall as 15 meters. It is possible for them to have a rotating cab that can turn 360 degrees. The rotation allows for operators to change the direction they are facing relative to the felling line. It is also possible for them to adjust their height with just a push of a button, so that they can work in difficult terrain easier.

3. Backhoe

A backhoe is a type of excavator construction equipment. It is used in construction for digging trenches and placing deep foundations. It can be made up of one or two units that are placed on either side of a support arm. Backhoes range from small models that can carry 2 tons to the largest ones, which carry up to 33 tons of earth. 

Most backhoes use hydraulics as their source of power. The ones that use hydraulics, however, are rather expensive compared to the other kinds. Backhoes can also be made with other sources of power like diesel or electricity.

4. Scrapers

A scraper is a type of heavy equipment and excavator that uses hydraulics as its source of power. It digs trenches and places deep foundations. Scrapers are usually larger than the other excavators. They range from medium-sized machines that can carry 20 tons to the largest ones that usually carry 400 tons of dirt. 

Scrapers also have two axle systems and hydraulic steering systems. This kind of excavator is perfect for removing large amounts of earth at once, which is why they are often used in construction sites around the world.

5. Loaders

Loaders are used to move and stack heavy materials into trucks or containers. They also use their forks to dig holes or trenches. Smaller loaders can carry up to 3 tons of dirt while the bigger ones can carry up to 30 tons. Loaders usually have four wheels that are used for moving around on flat surfaces. The ones that have a fifth wheel are much more mobile and can be used for rough terrains as well. Loaders are also used to remove and transport earth for mining projects.

6. Trenchers

Trenchers, a heavy equipment also known as trench-digging machines, are used to dig trenches or ditches in the soil. They are also used for building canals and laying electricity or telephone lines under roads. Most trenchers use diesel engines as their source of power, but there are other kinds that use electricity. They are also used for building canals and laying electricity or telephone lines under roads.

7. Telehandlers

Telehandlers are heavy equipment used in construction for lifting and moving heavy materials. They usually have a telescopic boom and can provide up to 12.5 tons of force. These machines are also used by electrical companies for installing and removing utility poles. A telehandler is a machine that can be used to lift, move, or place heavy materials.

8. Dragline Excavators

Dragline excavators are huge machines, usually more than 30 meters long. They are also used in construction for building roads and placing underground utilities. They are named as such because they come from an idea of the trench-digging machines that were named "draglines." 

Dragline excavators usually have two units that sit on either side of a support arm. The support arm is used to rotate the machine. Operators can use it to maneuver the machine in specific positions and directions.

9. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are heavy equipment used in construction for leveling the terrain and moving earth. They can be made using one or two units. The smaller ones usually have one unit while the larger ones have two units. The most common types of bulldozers are skid-steer and track-type bulldozers.


These types of bulldozers equipment range from small machines that can carry 2 tons to the biggest ones which can carry up to 16 tons of dirt. They use hydraulics as their source of power and are equipped with rubber tracks that dig into the ground and push or pull heavy objects away.


These types of bulldozers equipment are usually smaller than skid-steer ones. They are also used as tractors for moving and loading mobile cranes. They usually have front wheels that can be lifted and left on either side of the machinery when it is not in use so that it can move in tight spaces.

10. Graders

Graders are equipment used in construction for leveling a surface. They usually come with two, three, or four units. Graders range in sizes and are usually categorized depending on the weight capacity. They have hydraulic systems that provide them with power to move up and down on a slope and cause it to level out. Graders tend to cost around $20,000.

11. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used for moving dirt, gravel, and other construction materials from one place to another. There are two kinds of dump trucks: the rigid and the articulated ones. The basic equipment that they use is a hydraulic system to shift materials from one spot to another. Dump trucks range in sizes and can carry varying amounts of materials. Articulated dump trucks can carry heavy loads. They can weigh up to 1,700 tons and are known as the "scooper" trucks.

12. Pile Machines

Pile machines are equipment used in construction as cranes and in manufacturing of concrete. They are also called concrete lifters. They can be a single machine that can lift up to 2 tons or more than one machine that can lift up to 4 tons. They use hydraulic units to move and tilt the machines and cause them to move toward the end of the device, which is where a pile of materials is created.

13. Loaders

Loaders are used in construction for picking up and lifting heavy objects. They can be automated or a manual loader. Loaders do not have to always be used for construction, they can be used in manufacturing of concrete or on loading docks where dirt is placed. Loaders can be used to lift up to 2 tons, and there are different sizes of loaders for different types of materials.

14. Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are used in construction to lift heavy objects. They are used to lift materials from the ground to a certain height so that the equipment can then put them into place to finish the project. Tower Cranes are commonly used to lift steel beams.

15. Pavers

Pavers are used in construction for creating a surface. They are also called structural concrete blocks. They are most commonly used for patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Pavers can be made from a variety of materials and colors that create a certain appeal to the surface it is placed on. 

Pavers can be poured directly using a paver machine. They can also be placed on the ground with a paver that is attached to a hydraulic jack and then worked by moving the jack up and down in the process to create a pile of pavers.

16. Compactors

Compactors are used in construction for breaking up concrete into small pieces and pieces that can easily be put into form for whatever purposes they may be used for. They are also used in landscaping and to break down dirt so that it can be turned into soil. Compactors are also known as mechanical hammers or breakers.

Choosing the Best Building or Road Construction Equipment

There are many excellent hardscape materials that can be used in your home or business. You just have to make sure you know what the best ones for your purpose will be. That will depend on how much you want to spend and other factors like durability, ease of maintenance and more. Take some time to determine exactly what you want before finalizing your purchasing decision.

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