Best Property Websites in Singapore to Buy, Rent or Sell Houses

Buying, renting, or selling a space? These property websites can help you!
August 31, 2022

The Singapore residential property market offers great deals on real estate, and websites like PropertyGuru and streamline property search, showing prime real estate locations for both residential and commercial properties.

These websites may feature relevant property news, updates on Singapore real estate market valuation, as well as new condo launches that may help buyers decide on their property investment. Here are the best property websites and blogs in Singapore:

8 Best Property Websites (Singapore)

#1 PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru's property experts guide makes them one of the leading websites focusing on the Singapore real estate market. They provide education and information resources for potential buyers, and show listings on new condo launches as well as overseas properties.

Besides resources for residential properties, the website offers search and information tools on commercial real estate where potential buyers can search property sales and outlook. Their Affordability Calculator helps buyers determine their budget, including the down payment and monthly payments they can afford on their budget.

#2 is another one of the reliable and well-known websites in Singapore that focuses on property and real estate. The website provides numerous photos of the property in different angles, and real estate shoppers can view housing price trends easily through its user-friendly interface.

Their unique feature is their free photo service, where the website will send their own photographers to take photos of your property to be put up for listing. Their search engine offers only relevant and high quality listings, ensuring property buyers find exactly what they need!

#3 The Singapore Real Estate Exchange

The Singapore Real Estate Exchange includes a mobile property tracker app that allows potential buyers to check the property in a 360-degree view. Their heat map-based search shows neighborhood price trends in different areas. The app also provides sellers with monthly property updates via SMS on their listed properties.

#4 ST Property

ST Property is straightforward and simple to use. The website allows users to filter through listings through specific keywords like high level and city view. The website is one of the few property websites in Singapore that offer Feng Shui tools to determine auspicious dates for purchasing or selling properties, signing, moving in, and more!

#5 iProperty

iProperty is a rapidly-growing portal for all things real estate, with over 800,000 users logging in every month. Their website is simple and direct, featuring a search engine, mortgage calculator, information on property listings, and assistive chat with agents.

#6 The Edge Property

The Edge Property is a relatively new website that has popped up in the Singapore real estate space in 2015. The website offers both property listings and tools, as well as journalism resources on articles published by their parent company, The Edge Media Group, for accurate and updated property news.

#7 MoneySmart

MoneySmart is a popular blogging platform for financial independence and education, and their property category provides helpful tips and tricks on getting the best deals on properties around Singapore! The blog offers advice on property valuation as well as budgeting, and is written in an easy-to-understand tone for all readers.

#8 Stacked Homes

Property investors blogging on Stacked Homes provides in-depth market analysis on the current Singapore real estate space. The blog offers guides on buying, renting, and selling, and presents the latest news in property developments as well as the current status of the real estate market in Singapore.

Buying, Renting, Selling

Whether you're buying, renting, or selling a property, these property websites simplify the real estate transaction for all parties involved. Sellers may have an easier time looking for potential buyers depending on the property website they list their property on, and buyers can easily look through listings posted in each property website to find their next home!

These websites streamline housing search, using technology and advanced tools to provide an accurate description of the property scene before the transaction pushes through. This allows buyers to know exactly what they're getting into, and incentivizes sellers to provide accurate descriptions of their properties listed. 

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