Bedroom Renovation Cost Guide in Singapore for 2022

Remodeling your bedroom is the perfect way to reclaim the comfort and style of your sleeping space! Here's what to expect with a bedroom renovation.
July 7, 2022

Bedroom renovations are commonplace in Singaporean homes, particularly for older spaces that need a refresh of the bedrooms. Most bedroom renovations are done in the master bedroom, where the homeowners tend to stay in, but 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR renovations are also popular to bring back the life in these rooms.

Benefits of Bedroom Renovation - Singapore

Bedroom renovation refreshes and updates the bedroom, particularly the master bedroom where homeowners sleep in. Renovations provide a comfortable yet stylish sleeping area, while keeping the bedroom fully functional for the homeowners. Even a small bedroom can be renovated to feel more spacious and cozy.

Bedroom renovations may include a change in bed frame, installing an overbed storage system, elevating a platform bed, changing the bedroom lighting, or utilizing unused floor space according to the homeowners' preferences.

Budgeting Your Bedroom Renovations

Bedroom renovation costs typically stay below the $10,000 mark as homeowners rarely replace their bedding or bedroom furniture entirely. They may or may not employ an interior designer as well, which saves the costs of the renovation process. Many homeowners, in fact, find bedroom ideas online, or base their bedroom layout on their own personal preferences.

Bedroom Renovation - Inclusions

Most renovation costs depend on the size of the room. A master bedroom would certainly cost more to renovate than a smaller-sized room, such as the children's room or the guest room. Here's a breakdown of common renovation works below:

Hacking: $600-$1,000

Hacking is not always necessary in bedroom renovations. This is done to remove any wall fixtures or built-in bedroom furniture, as well as working on any pipeworks inside the walls of the bedroom.

Painting: $1,200-$1,700/3BR

Painting and wallpaper will cost a homeowner between $1,200 to $1,700 for a three-bedroom workspace including the master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms. Painting includes the paint colour, as well as 2 or more coats of protective top coat.

Air Conditioner Installation: $2,000

Air conditioner installation may cost $2,000 and upwards depending on the model, size, and type of air conditioner you've purchased for your room. However, a portable unit requires no installation, and a window unit may have a budget installation cost compared to wall-mounted and centralized air conditioners.

Carpeting and Flooring: $300-$550

Carpeting and flooring will set a homeowner back around $300-$550 on installation alone. Additional costs apply depending on the material, brand, and size of their carpeting. A reputable contractor should be able to provide an accurate quotation and alternatives to carpeting and flooring renovations.

Furniture and Wardrobe: $2,300-$4,200

Furniture and wardrobe may cost an average of $2,300 to $4,200 or more depending on the quality and brand of furniture. A good, partner contractor with interior design services should be able to scout for furniture and materials that fits the aesthetic of the homeowner without going over the budget.

Bedroom Lighting and Partitions: $600-$1,100

Bedroom lighting is essential in renovation as a bright light may hinder sleep, but a dim light may give the room a dull look. Interior design and renovation works should be able to provide the best balance of lighting, as well as curtains and partitions that will revitalize the room at a cost within budget!

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Choosing the Right Contractor

Colebuild is your partner in building your dream home! Our team of architects and interior designers will help you reach a bedroom design that fits your personality, and give you a larger space to feel comfortable in. We'll scout for new furniture for your room renovation, as well as decor for your walls and light for your room for better interior design.

Stay comfortable, and sleep well knowing you've made the right choice in collaborating with an experienced, transparent, and knowledgeable renovation team. Let your ideas flow, and renovate your interior to refresh your room, and create more space.

Contact us today to learn more about our quotations and rates!

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