10 Construction Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you decide to build or renovate your home, there will be a lot of mistakes you will make. That said, we've collected 10 things you should avoid when doing any type of construction.
March 31, 2021

It comes a time when you decide to build or renovate your home. For a first-timer, the process of construction will not be a smooth one, since he or she is prone to make simple construction mistakes. That said here are ten construction mistakes to avoid.

Accepting the first price estimate

During the research phase, when intending to start construction, it is only reasonable to ask for recommendations and estimates. Do not be afraid to ask for estimates from several and different contractors. This way it will be easier to choose the contractor that is within your price range, and that will offer quality services at a lower price. It is not a surprise for you to find a contractor that will give you an estimate that is double that of the others. Apart from price, when gathering estimates, also ensure that you focus on the reputation of the company. What are other people and previous customers saying about it, also, how long have they been in the industry.

Choosing the wrong and unqualified contractors

Hiring the services of wrong and inexperienced contractors puts you in a lot of risks. First, ensure that the contractor is licensed to operate and to construct. Also, ensure that he or she is insured and bonded just in case anything happens. For instance, if the contractors are injured while on-site, the insurance will cover that. If the contractor is not insured, and it happens that he or she gets injured, then you are the one to cover him, in case he or she sues you. A good contractor will ensure that you stick to your budget and even ensure that you cut back on your budget.

Doing renovations by yourself yet you don’t have an idea of what you are doing

This is another mistake that most homeowners make during construction and renovation. Yes, it is great, and it helps to cut on some expenses, but ensure that you have an idea of what you are doing. You do not want to do more damages, which will, in turn, cost you more than you intended. If you do not have an idea, do proper research, ask for advice or hire professional and qualified contractors.

Forgetting to acquire the necessary permits on time

Construction permits are very important. Most homeowners overlook to acquire them even before starting their construction. It is advisable that you get your permits before beginning the construction. Once the necessary city authorities, find you without a permit, they will issue you with a stop work order, thus causing delays. Applying for permits is hectic, therefore make sure that you get the licenses earlier, if not ensure that you hire a contractor that can easily pill the permit for you since most of them have contacts in the permitting office. You can post the permit on-site for easy inspection.

Sitting on your concerns and questions

During construction, you might have some concern, or be prompted to ask a question. Do not be afraid to ask or speak out, as this can help avoid an expensive mistake. A good contractor will also listen and take your questions and concerns seriously. Make sure that you pop in once in a while at the construction site to see how the work is progressing. If you cannot make it to the sight, you can always hire someone to oversee on your behalf.

Not asking when the construction will end

As a homeowner, it is essential to know when the construction of your project will stop. This will help you properly plan and stick to your budget. Some rogue contractors extend the construction deadline by week and months to have more of your money. However, there are instances where you can extend the deadline, for example in case of floods and heavy storms.

A misunderstanding between the homeowner and the contractor

Mostly, the disagreement between you and the contractor is facilitated by poor communication. As earlier said it is essential to communicate, clarify, ask and air your concern. A contractor is not an angel to know what you want.

Expecting a smooth construction

Homeowners hope the construction and renovation to be a smooth one. However, it is advisable always to expect the unexpected as anything can happen. For instance, there might be costly termite damages and so forth. Anticipating the unexpected helps to avoid stress and saves a lot of time.

Not paying much attention to the resale value

Before starting the construction or renovation, make sure that you consider the resale value of your property. During renovation make sure that whatever you add or change has a positive impact on the resale value.

Not having a budget

It is vital that you have a budget before or during construction. This will help you avoid spending more than intended. It will also help you decide where you will acquire financial help either from a loan or your own pocket.

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