Frequently Asked Questions

All construction companies operating in Singapore require a General Builders’ license. Please note that this is very different from renovations companies as the building of landed houses involve a lot more scopes such as structural and earthwork elements.

Further to that, General Builders have 2 categories, GB1 and GB2, depending on how much paid up capital the company has. We are a GB1 company.

All projects need to be covered by Contractors’ All Risk (CAR) insurance. This is to ensure that there is sufficient cover even for 3rd party damages and incidents during the construction stage. Your contractor is responsible for this and you should never proceed on a project without a CAR.

Colebuild specializes in the construction of landed luxury houses, and this stretches beyond Singapore.  We have built luxury houses in Singapore, UK, Australia and other Southeast Asian nations at our clients’ requests.  Many of our clients are repeat clients who have invested in properties overseas and continued to rely on our skilled architects and craftsmen.

18 to 24 months but it is important to note that this involve 2 different stages.


The first stage is the design and submission phase, where our building and architectural team work with you to design the house to your requiments of form, function and budget.  This then mogves on to the submission for URA and BCA approvals, which also involves multiple government agencies.


You will need a QP (Architect) and a PE (Civil Engineer) to sign off on all your submissions. This first phase typicaly takes 4 months.


The second stage is the actual building stage. It starts from demolition and excavation, and goes all the way to the fitting out of carpentry to make the house ready for your family’s moving in.  A good contractor should quote you for all-inclusive costs so you don’t get blindsided by surprise costs at the end.


This stage usually takes 12-16 months and it varies depending on requirements such as pools or basements.

At Colebuild, we have our own in-house Masons, Carpenters, Plumbers and Electricians so you never have to worry about the reliability of outsourced tradesmen. We have to rely on subcontractors for specialist trades and vendors such as windows, roofing and doors. Our project managers manage the coordination and sequencing between our workers and the specialist sub-contractors.

We are.  Colebuild works with the QP and PE as a single stop service for our valued clients at no extra charge.

Yes we do, and we are confident with our works and processes that we provide 14 months on defects liability, and an additional 5 years warranty on waterproofing works.

There is of course a wide range depending on our client’s requirements. A good way to gauge is to calculate it based on Gross Floor Area (GFA).


When a contractor gives you an estimate based on a Gross Floor Area, please note that this price should be inclusive of all external works such as your auto-gates and perimeter drainage works.


A typical rule of thumb is to use $400 per sqft of GFA as a starting point.  Small houses in Singapore can start from 3,000 sqft of GFA, so $1.2m is a good starting point.


Some items can drive the cost of building up, such as the need for piling, lifts, basements and swimming pools.


Also depending on the level finishing materials used, we have built homes up to $600 per sqft of GFA and these can include single slab European marbles and rare hardwoods. 

The largest project we have built is a 27 bedroom bungalow with a golf green and tennis courts.