A&A (Addition & Alteration)

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Addition & Alteration (A&A) services refer to the remodelling and enhancement of existing structures to meet evolving needs. It encompasses a range of both cosmetic and functional changes to create visually appealing, efficient, and compliant buildings. These architectural solutions for your residential property transform and elevate your environment for an upgraded life quality.


Whether it’s beautifying your house or rectifying issues for a safer living space, Colebuild’s A&A service works to deliver that lifestyle you desire through a combination of expertise and attention to detail.


We specialise in A&A works such as building extensions, connecting two or more floors or rooms, removing partition walls, installing cladding or curtain walls to the building façade, and adding structural frames, shelters, lifts, staircases or canopies.


From conceptualising your building design and obtaining relevant permits to renovation and handover, our years of experience will give you the ultimate hassle-free journey to enhancing your home.

A contemporary building at night, illuminated by interior lights and streetlamps

Common A&A Works for Modern Living

In Singapore, homes often undergo addition and alteration (A&A) works to adapt to changing needs, improve functionality, and enhance aesthetics. Here are some examples:

Interior Space Reconfiguration

Reconfiguring interior layouts to create more open-plan living spaces, additional bedrooms, or dedicated work areas to suit the needs of the homeowners.

Extension of Living Spaces

Adding extensions, such as sunrooms, conservatories, or additional floors, to increase living space.

Roof Terrace or Balcony Addition

Creating outdoor living areas by adding roof terraces, balconies, or patios, providing homeowners with additional space for relaxation and entertainment.

Structural Reinforcement

Strengthening the structural integrity of homes through structural modifications, such as underpinning, to ensure safety and stability, especially for older properties.

Staircases Installation

Often redesigned or added to enhance accessibility and flow between different levels of the home.

Swimming Pool Addition

Homeowners work closely with designers to create pools that suit their specific preferences and lifestyle needs. Whether it’s a sleek lap pool or a resort-style oasis, the design is tailored to integrate seamlessly with the existing landscape and architecture.

Choosing Colebuild for Your A&A Works

At Colebuild, we understand that embarking on additions and alterations (A&A) works for your home is a significant decision. With our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, here’s why Colebuild stands out as the premier choice:

  1. Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the construction and renovation industry, Colebuild brings a wealth of expertise to every A&A project. Our team of skilled architects, designers, and craftsmen are adept at transforming spaces with precision, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with impeccable quality and attention to detail.
  2. Tailored Solutions: We believe in a personalised approach to A&A works by collaborating closely with each client to understand their unique needs, preferences, and budgetary considerations. Whether you’re looking to add a stunning staircase, a luxurious swimming pool, or any other A&A feature, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements, creating a result that exceeds your expectations.
  3. Design Excellence: Design is at the heart of everything we do at Colebuild. Our team of talented designers is dedicated to creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful, seamlessly integrating A&A features into your home’s existing architecture and aesthetic. 
  4. Quality Craftsmanship: We take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship. From the selection of premium materials to the meticulous execution of every detail, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. Our skilled craftsmen bring passion and precision to every A&A project, ensuring that the finished result is built to last and brings joy to your home for years to come.
  5. Transparent Communication: We believe in transparent communication and collaboration throughout the A&A process. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, we keep you informed and involved every step of the way, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns.
  6. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that your A&A project is a success from start to finish. Our team is responsive, reliable, and committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations, creating spaces that you’ll love coming home to.

Frequently Asked Questions About A&A Works

Depending on the scope of the A&A works and government regulations, permits may be required from the relevant authorities. You can trust our professional team at Colebuild to guide you through the permit process, providing expert advice and assistance to ensure all necessary permits are obtained smoothly.

The duration of A&A works varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Small-scale renovations may take a few weeks, while larger projects involving structural changes or extensive remodelling can take several months or more. Get in touch with our team at Colebuild for an accurate estimate.

The cost of A&A works depends on factors such as the size of the project, the extent of the renovations, the quality of materials and finishes, and labour costs. Get in touch with our team at Colebuild to obtain quotes and an accurate estimate for your project.

Before embarking on A&A works, you should carefully consider your goals, budget, timeline, and any potential disruptions to daily life. It’s also essential to research regulations, obtain necessary permits, and plan for contingencies to minimise delays and unexpected costs.

Whether it’s feasible to live in your home during A&A works depends on the extent of the renovations and your tolerance for disruption. In some cases, temporary relocation or alternative living arrangements may be necessary, especially for larger projects that involve significant structural changes or extensive remodelling.

Bright living room with modern furniture and wooden details
Bright living room with modern furniture and wooden details
Bright living room with modern furniture and wooden details
A modern two-story house at dusk with exterior lights on

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